The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

Grand Trunk Freight Sheds, Brockville partially destroyed  11 July 1909
Ottawa Citizen 12 July 1909

Fire at Brockville.
Brockville, Ont., July 11. At five o'clock this morning fire broke out in the G. T. R. freight shed and before it was extinguished the western end of the building in which are situated the offices was gutted consuming a number of papers and requisites, fortunately the building contained little freight and apart from a quantity of freight nothing more was damaged. The loss will be about $1,000.

Ottawa Journal 13 July 1909

Special to The Journal. Brockville. Ont.. July 13.- The partial destruction of the Orand Trunk Rail freight sheds on Sunday morning has led the large shippers of Brockville to move in the direction of impressing upon ths company the desirability of the erection of a new depot and freight shed. The board of trade has taken the matter up and yesterday a deputation headed by Mayor Kyle waited on Assistant Superintendent Coleman who was here investigating the extent of the blaze. The claims  of the town were pressed horne.
Mr. Coleman said the burned buildings would be repaired as inexpensively as possible to make them weather proof and promised to report favorably to the Montreal office the request made by the deputation. Such an important matter would have to be reported to Genera! Manager Hays who is at present in England.
It is the purpose of the Board of Trade to wait personally upon Mr. Hays on his return. The deputation will consist of mayor Kyle, Ex-Mayor H. A. Stewart, K.C and W. C. McLaren. president of the Board.

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