The Railways of Ottawa

Finding No. 21   Railway Structures Destroyed (Mainly) by Fire

CPR Finch 5 August 1926
Ottawa Citizen 5 August 1926

C. P. R. Freight Sheds Also Burned in Blaze Breaking Out at Midnight.
(Special to The Citizen.) FINCH, Ont., Aug. 5. Fire of unknown origin breaking out about midnight completely destroyed the C.P.R. station and freight shed here. When the blaze was noticed it had gained so much headway that it was impossible with the firefighting equipment available to check the blaze before it had spread throughout the two buildings. Both are of frame construction and the second storey of the station was occupied as a residence by the agent, W. L. Hardy.

Ottawa Journal 5 August 1926

The Canadian Pacific Railway station and freight shed at Finch, Ont., were totaHy destroyed by fire about midnight last night. The fire was not discovered until it had gained great headway and could not be checked in time to prevent its spreading to both buildings through lack of fire-fighting equipment. The station and shed were frame and burned easily. The station agent, W. L. Hardy, lived In tha second storey of the station. The cause of the fire has not been discovered.

Winchester Press 5 August 1926

Finch Station Burned
The Union Station at Finch was last night completely destroyed by fire. We have no particulars as to the cause or how the fire started but it had gained such headway when discovered that there was no hope of saving it. No doubt considerable freight was also destroyed. The loss of the station itself will not be regretted by the tavelling public for the re-building will probaby provide them a more comfortable and convenient one.

Morrisburg Leader 6 August 1926

Finch Station Burned
Fire of unknown origin last night destroyed the C.P.R. station at Finch. The tower just across the tracks to the east was saved after a hard fight. Operator Pye when reporting for duty at 11.30 was the first to discover the blaze and gave the alarm. Assistance was rushed from Chesterville where an engine was commandeered and such fire-fighting apparatus as could be hastily gathered rushed to the scene. The freight shed under the same roof together with its contents was also totally destroyed. The agent, who lived at the station, was at his summer cottage on the St. Lawrence at the time of the fire.

Board of Railway Commissioners Order No.  38608 of  4 January 1927

Approves proposed location and details of CPR new station building and freight shed at Finch, m. 74.23.

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