Montreal Trip On Flyer Combines Speed, Luxury, Published 8 April 1958

  ‘The last fast steam train to Montreal is the Canadian Pacific’s No. 232 at 7:55 a.m..  It is also the only morning non-stop train between the Capital and Montreal.  As you might guess, I was on it when it took off from here the other morning.
     ‘Behind that magnificent Hudson No. 2822, we started to pick up speed as soon as we crossed over the Hurdman diamond, and the snow was really swirling as we did a mile a minute and better through Hammond and Bourget and we roared over the Nation River at Plantagenet.
     ‘Vankleek Hill is no longer even a flag stop for the high-wheeling Hudson. We said goodbye to Ontario below St. Eugene and above Rigaud, and then we play over the curve at Hudson Heights to pass Lake of Two Mountains.
     ‘At Dorion, we swung onto the double track, and I hoped for a CNR train to race, but on this race track, we travelled unpaced.
     ‘There is a delight when one steps into the parlor car, and either has his first or second breakfast.  During the session, you can usually pick up some political chat from a member of Parliament.     
     ‘In fact, the early morning train is a veritable club, as Russell changes to Prescott, and Vaudreuil County into Montreal Island.
     ‘Soon, the parlor car steward is asking you where you are getting off.  For the New York or Quebec-bound passengers, there is the bustle at Montreal West.   Then the next lot are popped off the train at Westmount, and finally, the train pants happily as it rests after its 111.3 journey in 120 minutes. Steam is still fun.

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