The Rock Island Line Has Smooth, Swift Train , Published 7 September 1956

 ABOARD THE COLORADO ROCKET The Rock Island Rail way runs a smooth, swift train to Colorado, and this I was riding to Des Moines. I was invited by the steward to come forward to the diner and have a drink on the house, but was warned that the drink had to be poured before the train crossed the Mississippi. For once on the Iowa side, the Corn State will permit no such sinfulness.
Only In One
I found myself riding down the Mississippi on my right and thought I was in Rock Island, but learned I was only in one of the Molines. East Moline comes before Moline (pronounced Moe-leen). Then comes Rock Island. Because Davenport across the river is almost contiguous, these are known as the Quad Towns.
The train crept slowly across the Father of Waters, and then on the west bank of the Mississippi, here was Davenport This is the shrine of chiropractic.
On west, through fields of corn and pigs, past a land of plenty, through prosperous towns. Of all the 48 states, Iowa is without a doubt the one state that is continuously arable. You could put a plow in at the Mississippi, plow clear west to the Missouri almost 400 miles west, and you would not have to take your plow out of the ground for rocks.
Iowa City, where the college is, Neeton, where they make washers, and Grinell where Gary Cooper got his education all pass your window. Finally, a gold ball lights up the sky, and you know that this is the state capital, and you are already in Des Moines.
Another one of those indefatigable Rock Island agents, Paul Lemon, grabbed my baggage, and like a well paid red cap, lugged my Wolf portmanteau two blocks or so. Meeting me was my wife's bridesmaid, Margaret Trout. She took me to the Angel in Human Form's old home, where I was married, and so to bed. Tomorrow across country 40 miles to catch my convention special at Parry, Iowa.

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