French Seem To Be Most Progressive Railroaders, Published 7 May 1956

PARIS How those French trains can go. I made the trip just now from Cologne (Koln) in the heart of Germany to Paris in a morning. In the grey of dawn I rose In Bonn, rushed by taxi to Cologne when my train was late, and caught a flier called the Paris-Ruhr. Among other things, it boasts of two diners. We had hardly left the magnificent twin-spircd Cologne Cathedral  us when the German customs were checking us out and the Belgians were checking us in. But the amenities were swift, and next thing you knew, here was romantic Liege. Then Charleroi, still In Belgium, and finally Jeumont, on the French border in France. I tell you that when the Frenchmen got ahold of it, this "Rapide" really ripped. In comfort we ran through such communities as St. Quentin, as well as half a dozen communities with unbellevable French names. Then Paris Nord. Next, Hotel Scribe. Here I was walking the streets of Paris before one in the afternoon after a morning departure from Cologne. That's railroading.
Indeed France is making a great reputation for itself as operating the fastest trains in Europe these days. One train scheduled to go down to the Spanish border is said ready to go almost at airplane speeds. Then there is the so-called Rubber Train from Strasbourg. (I had tickets that way but found it awkward from Bonn). Then there is the Mistrale (sic), a super speedster to the south, to Marseilles with Riviera connections. Many of the guests to the Grace Kelly wedding are said to have ridden the Mistrale. I, myself, am getting what I think is the pick of the lot in the super-de * luxe Golden Arrow (Fleche D'Or) tomorrow from Paris to London. I have seen a lot of European trains by now. I first rode on the Arlburg Express, which heavily patronized train is said to be the backbone of railroading in Europe. I travelled electric trains in Austria and in Germany, The German-Belgian-French Paris-Ruhr was my latest achievement. All in all, the French seem right now to be most progressive rail roaders in Europe. Travel Socliete Natlonale Chemins de Fer Francais and have fun.

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