Old Mogul 92 Useful On The Short Sidings, Published 2 May 1955

Citizen reader "M" sends me a picture of Canadian National old mogul 92, This vintage steamer is plus 40 in age but for a short train is just as good as a diesel. Old 92 is also very useful on short and twisty Industrial sidings where light steel is used for rails.
"I might aay," writes M, "that No. 92 has one of the most melodious whistles I've heard."
Took Some Snaps
While still on railway themes this is to tell Rail Filbert Addison Schwalm that I took some snaps for him in California. I snapped the combination baggage and coach of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway at San Diego.
Another labor of love was my getting some pictures of those big wrong-end-to mallets of the Southern Pacific. These gorgeously picturesque engines are on the way out. In less than three years the 4200's will be museum pieces.
'Cross Town readers will be interested to learn that on these engines the cab is at the front of the locomotive like a bus. First comes the cab. Then at the back of the locomotive is the smoke stack. Then follows the "front" of the engine after that, and finally the tender trails along.
The 4200 class for years yanked the long, long trains up the Sierras, and could do a fabulous amount of work. But now the Southern Pacific couples on four dlesels instead, and the growlers lift the mile long freights over the mountains with ease. I still say the steamers can do a good job, but they are not as easy to handle as the diesels. Anyway, I have some interes ing snaps for Andy Schwalm and I feel that some day soon, these j back to front engines will be real curiosities.

* * *

M. S. Kerrigan a former employe of the Milwaukee Road is the proud possessor of a cheque for two. cents (2c) from the Chi cago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Road. He received it in Miles City, Montana, when he was working for the railway. He still keeps the cheque at his home, 105 Glen Avenue.

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