He Finds Continental a Super Train, In and Out, Published 27 April 1955

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By Austin Cross Citizen Staff Writer
SIOUX LOOKOUT Here I am, riding east on the Super Continental, the Canadian National's new cross-Canada gold and green streamliner. Reputed the fastest scheduled run between Winnipeg and Ottawa, the CNR's No. 2 left Winnipeg at 8.05 standard time this morning and is due in Ottawa tomorrow at 2.50 standard time. This seems like an elapsed time of 30 hours and 45 minutes. Actually the time in transit is really an hour less since we swing at Armstrong from Central to Eastern standard time. Thus Winnipeg is now only 29 and three-quarter hours from Ot tawa.
No Time At All
Its gold and green gleaming in the clear prairie air, the Super Continental was a handsome string of sumptuous coaches as it moved easily and slowly across the Red River before it began to pick up speed and shake off the prairie. It seemed no time at all till the trees closed in around us, the prairie had vanished, and we were beginning to roar through the woody wilds, Ottawa-bound.
If the Super Continental has any particular commodity beyond speed, it is comfort. Here the railway is really stressing things. Whether it Is something extra you want in this fascinating new dining car, or if itiIs helping a tired mother pick up her children's toys in the sleeper, depend on it, the Canadian National is there on the job.
Speed And Comfort
The Super Continental thus seems to stress speed and comfort. Once inside its green and gold exteriors, one is fascinated by the cheerful brightness of the buffet lounge, and as for the diner, one is all but dazzled by its brightness and beauty. Again, those magnificent new day coaches catch the eye and cater to comfort. Finally, if you will forgive an old man his memories, this Super Continental really travels. In the old days, when I took the same trip I had to go to bed three times before I got to Ottawa. On the Super Continental, I sleep but once and awake to be in Ottawa the next day. The Super really rolls.

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