Here's A Pair Of Items For The Railway Fans , Published 22 June 1953

It did not take Marc McNeil long to rustle up that layman's guide to engine whistles. A patient subscriber had written in to ask 'Cross Town what the different whistles (mostly at night) from trains meant. Personally we dumped the whole matter on the Canadian Pacific front man's lap and quit for the day with the smug satisfaction of a job well done.
Prior to hearing from Mr. McNeil, the only signal I could swear to was the three toots you got between Caledonia Springs and McAlplne on the short line of the Canadian Pacific to Montreal. The three toots meant that the local was making the flag stop at McAlplne. Now thanks to Mr. McNeil we have the whole whistle glossary.
Here It is:
OApply brakes, stop
- -Release brakes, proceed
- O O OFlagman protect rear of train
- - - -(single or double track). Flagman may retur  from west or south
O O OWhen train is standing, back up. Answer to back up signal and, when train is running,
answer to communicating signal to stop at next station.
- - O -Approaching public crossings
O O O  O O OTo notify track forces of fire on or near right of way

O Short whistle
- Long whistle

During the course of the one day fued (sic) here in 'Cross Town with Editor-in-chief Charles Woodsworth, the question was raised as to what was the longest stretch of perfectly straight railway track In Canada. I had ventured to suggest among other things that I thought the CPR Soo Line from Weybum to Pasqua Junction in Saskatchewan was about 80 miles of curveless track. Not so, writes E. P. 338 4th Street South-1east, Medicine Hat, and a proof-reader on the Medicine Hat News.
Mr. Hodgins says the Soo Line between Weybum and Pasqua has a few curves, "Not perfectly straight,'' is his verdict. It would be interesting if proof-reader Hodgins could write and tell us where those curve are.
He does confirm 'Cross Town in the assertion that the line from Stoughton and Regina is "absolutely straight," I had said it was 91 miles without a curve, but this was just my recollection. Mr. Woodsworth wrote to the railways and got  the exact figure.From Stoughtom to where the line curves to go onto the main line at Regina there are 87 miles without a curve. This Is the longest stretch of perfect straight track In Canada, so far as is known.

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