Old Bank Street Bridge Was New In Those Days, Published 14 July 1952

Dave Gill and the Ottawa Transportation Commission are celebating an interesting anniversary this summer. This is the 40th year that the electric system has run over Bank Street Bridge to Ottawa South. Though in 1912 the Glebe was by no means filled in the progressive Ottawa Electric decided to push on over the Rideau Canal and open up the new real estate developments there. Prior to the friendly invasion of the Ahearn and Soper system, getting to Ottawa South was a matter of getting a horse.
Thomas Ahearn himself was reported to be on the first car to go over "Glasgow Bridge" and a refreshment stand was set up on the corner of Bank and Sunnyside.

* * *

Streets like Aylmer and Cameron and Glen thus became as familiar as the down town streets. The realtors pushed their buildings clear down to the Rideau while the city of Ottawa chased them with their sidewalks.
Before the cars could go to Ottawa South, the level crossing at Bank and Isabella had to be removed. Those who attended Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show on Carling Avenue, or who saw Barnum and Bailey on the old Glebe circus lot, may well remember being held up in a hot sun, as the open cars waited patiently for the old Grand Trunk switcher to get its train across the street and let us get on our way.
But the Bank Street subway was completed long before 1912 and one could go sailing from Sparks right out to the end of the line in Ottawa South with the feeling of undertaking a new adventure.

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Updated 22 May 2019