"Org Arg; Snzz, Bloar All Change For Wawa" (OTC streetcar announceents),
Published 30 November 1949
The Bank Street car was moving gaily along, lulling tfc passengers with its 1924 double trucks. Suddenly somebody yelled:
Five civil servants who knew the score got off at Laurier Avenue. Two strangers were carried past their stop.
On went the tram.
That broke the silence again, and the Nepean street customer debarked. Only one outsider missed it this time.
"Bloar, arg fr onk ur ossom" yelled the Sinatra-voiced conductor, and people picked up their bundles, and changed for Bank or Gladstone at Somerset.
Missed One
The car swung west, jammed with new customers. A whisper reached the back, so Kent Street was missed altogether, but when crooner up front got going he said:
Street initiates knew that's they got off.
But these people were lucky. They had an OTC operator who was a good sport, who let tne passengers guess, and they could have a run. for their money.
Customers on some lines complain of the bursts of silence taken by the operators.
"You would think they were fresh out of Oka, and they had taken vows of eternal silence" exclaimed one.
"With the windows frosted up, and our own dark streets, it is hard to tell where you are, and twice I have been carried by my stops, and me loaded with bundles."
Two-Bit Victims
So spake one of the four-for a-quarter victims.
The matter was taken up with David Gill, general manager OTC.
"I saw the complaint in The Citizen" said Mr. Gill, "and we are jacktng up the boys. They all have specific instructions to call out all the streets, particularly in winter when the windows are frosted. You have to remind them now and then. We're putting out a special bulletin today, telling to be sure to call out all the and call them clearly."

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