Track Removal Giant Project Estimated Cost $200 Million, Published 16 June 1947

Cross town tracks will disappear; the Canadian Pacific line across the Alexandra Bridge will disappear, industries along the cross town tracks will disappear, and Ottawa will have a joint terminal scheme, in the long range Greber plans, it was learned today.
Estimated cost of re-routing Ottawa's rail terminals is $200,000,000.
The whole railway map of the Capital will be re-drawn, and among railways to disappear will be the CPR line to Sussex street through New Edinburgh.
Plans may take, as much as half a century to mature in some cases, while other alterations may be almost immediate.
The cross town tracks from the Deep Cut through Ottawa will go, and in their place a joint transportation scheme will handle trains for Arnprior and Renfrew over the CNR, on the other Canadian National line which runs through Billings Bridge and crosses the Rideau near Hog's Back.
The Canadian Pacific will abandon its route through Hull, and go out on its own rails, or some joint rails, and will branch off, as far as Carleton Place and Pembroke are concerned, at a point in the Graham Bay-Bell's Corners area.
Industries located on the cross-town tracks will be moved, and relocated, presumably along a line either back of Billings Bridge, or a new line re-routed even further south. Compensation is to be provided for industries obliged to move
The new railway station as generally known, will be further down toward the Deep Cut. Some locate it opposite Daly avenue, some move it down past Varsity Oval. Final location is not determined.
The roundhouse and shops just beyond the Canal in Ottawa east are to disappear, and will be rebuilt' in modern style away out, presumably in the Bell's Corners-Graham Bay area.
Joint Trackage
The railways will use joint trackage, presumably under a terminal scheme such as in Toronto, or in big American railway stations.
The New York Central shops and station will disappear, and it too will be located In the outer perimeter of the revamped city.
The CPR roundhouse in Hintonburg is to disappear, and the railway yards down on the flats will be moved further west.
Consultations between CNR engineers, CPR engineers and Greber's staff are continuing, with a view to clearing away many problems.
Some of the plans are exceedingly long range, and many now living will not see some of them, but a start is to be made soon.
The cost is estimated at $200,-000,000, but spread over 50 years, would seem like much less.

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