Reveal Plans To Re-Route Hull Traffic,  Published 30 March 1946

By Austin F. Cross  Evening Citizen Staff Writer.
New buses are expected by mid-week for the Hull Electric Company, it was announced by A. V. Gale, general manager, this morning, as he outlined plans to funnel his traffic through the Ottawa Electric at the Hull loop.
Mr. Gale, still busy surveying the damage, said that he estimated it would be three months before the bridge would be ready for electric cars again.
"Meanwhile, we are going ahead with local service on the Hull side," he said.
Trams Marooned
Three Hull Electric trams are marooned on this side, Mr. Gale said. with no immediate chance of getting them back.
The manager said he spent all morning on the phone, trying to get new buses in this emergency.
We are going to get electric cars runninig on the Belt Line as soon as the hose lines are up," he said, "and then we shall run an augmented electric service, plus gome buses, to handle the traffic."
Phoned Toronto
Not having much equipment, Mr. Gale explained that he phined Toronto and five other places to see what he could, do about busses.
"Busses previously on order, and then delayed, we now expect to get by the middle of next week," said  Mr Gale. "The three originally due far March 31, then delayed, may reach us by then.
"We could take more busses If , we could get them, and I would like to get my hands on six more busses; we could use them." he said.
Mr. Gales said that the new orientation of the Hull Electric service would be to bring traffic to the Ottawa Electric at the Hull loop at the end of the Chaudiere Bridge, and then turn it over to the Ottawa Electric.
Mr. Gale regarded as preposterous ! the story that sparks from a hot motor dropped on to the bridge setting it on fire. He thought such stories were ill-advised, and was sorry they had appeared. At this date. he said, the true cause of the fire had not been learned.
The new Hull Electric-Ottawa Electric tie up will mean enormously stepped up service on the Hull line, and the extra business will be reminiscent of the old days of small street cars, back in the times when Hull was wet and Ottawa dry.

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