CN Operating Diagrams 1981

Diagrams prepared with thanks to Raymond Farand

Page 0, CN Operating Diagrams Cover - Ottawa Territory 31Dec81
Page 1, Alexandria Sub, MP0.0 to MP1.88
Page 2, Alexandria Sub, MP1.88 to MP15.43
Page 3, Alexandria Sub, MP15.43 to MP35.46
Page 4, Alexandria Sub, MP35.46 to MP72.73
Page 5, Alexandria Sub, MP72.73 to MP75.61
Page 6, Alexandria Sub, MP75.61 to MP76.43; Beachburg Sub MP0.0 to MP5.33
Page 7, Beachburg Sub, MP5.33 to MP14.42
Page 8, Beachburg Sub, MP14.42 to MP20
Page 9, Beachburg Sub, MP20 to MP34
Page 10, Beachburg Sub, MP34 to MP47
Page 11, Beachburg Sub, MP47 to MP62
Page 12, Beachburg Sub, MP62 to MP76
Page 13, Beachburg Sub, MP76 to MP91
Page 14, Pembroke Interchange, Town and Wye Spurs, Beachburg Sub
Page 15, Beachburg Sub, MP91 to MP105
Page 16, Beachburg Sub, MP105 to MP120
Page 17, Beachburg Sub, MP120 to MP134
Page 18, Beachburg Sub, MP134 to MP148
Page 19, Beachburg Sub, MP148 to MP163
Page 20, Pembroke Town and Wye Spurs, Beachburg Sub
Page 21, Vankleek Spur, MP0.0 to MP3, Alexandria Sub
Page 22, Intentionally left blank
Page 23, Vankleek Spur, MP16 to End, Alexandria Sub
Page 24, IVACO, L'Orignal Spur
Page 25, Kingston Sub - MP29.5  to MP40
Page 26, Intentionally lefy blank
Page 27, Massena Sub, MP0.0 to MP1
Page 28, Massena Sub, MP1 to MP22.18
Page 29, Massena Sub, MP22.18 to MP39.28
Page 30, Beauharnois Spur, Massena Sub
Page 31, Renfrew Sub, MP0.0 to MP22
Page 32, Renfrew Sub, MP22 to MP43
Page 33, Renfrew Sub, MP43 to MP78
Page 34, Renfrew Sub, MP78 to MP134.05
Page 35, Smiths Falls Sub, MP0.0 to MP10
Page 36, Smiths Falls Sub, MP10 to MP36
Page 37, Valleyfield Sub, MP1.69 to MP40.38
Page 38, Valleyfield Sub, MP40.38 to MP46.1
Page 39, Valleyfield Sub, MP46.1 to MP47.23
Page 40, Wharf Spur, Valleyfield Sub
Page 41, Ottawa Terminal Area
Page 42, Ottawa Freight Shed Leads MP 0.0 to MP0.7, Alexandria Sub
Page 43, Ottawa Freight Shed Leads, MP0.7 to MP2, Alexandria Sub
Page 44, Ottawa Freight Shed Leads, MP2  to End, Alexandria Sub
Page 45, Ellwood Sub, MP0.0 to MP1.7 and Prescott Sub, MP4.89 to MP5.25
Page 46, Ellwood Sub, MP1.7 to MP5.02
Page 47, Walkley Line Sub, MP0.0 to MP 2.0
Page 48, Walkley Line Sub, MP2.0 to MP3.22
Page 49, Walkley Line Sub, MP3.22 to MP5.83

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Updated 19 April 2020