Trip to Ireland September – October 2006


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Wednesday 4 October  

- Dunmore East - Waterford - Tramore – Waterford.
The bus to Dunmore East is run by a separate company - Suirway.  We found the bus and verified that it was the correct one.  There are no tickets given out.  It seems that this is for locals.  Les, the driver, took quite a lot of flak from the three regulars including a lady who worked occasionally at the Dunmore East bakery and had just become a granny.  There were several comments about "Grab a granny".  This was just like a radio talk show and the comments on the political future of Berty Ahearn were quite amusing.  A late comer had to run for the bus and had dropped his tobacco while running to the stop.  The entire bus was looking for his tobacco as we left - they spotted it on a crosswalk but couldn't get Les to stop in time.

"Ah well, it was only cheap tobacco but now it has turned very expensive."

Someone pointed out a swan in some reeds in a lake.  Les said

"I shouldn't look because I am driving."



The granny and one of the regulars were going on further as the bus makes a loop through the village but they took advantage of the short break to have a smoke. Dunmore East is a small fishing harbour and we were able to have an unimpeded look around. 



It was a very quiet place and there are a number of thatched buildings, one of which was being redone.  Les had a city-type bus to take us back, it wasn't very well patronized but was for shoppers.

Waterford Treasures, the display in the old granary, was weird but it had some very interesting artifacts such as manuscripts.

The bus to Tramore takes a big circle around Tramore before depositing passengers in a parking lot next to the derelict Waterford and Tramore Railway station and offices.  Tramore was windswept and derelict.  Most places were either shut down for the winter or permanently. 

Dooley's fish and chip shop was open and we had a late lunch.  The chips were very crispy with a creamy interior, very good indeed.  People were sitting in their cars looking at the sea.

We decided to get back to Waterford as soon as possible. Three people got on, one had Dooley's chips which he shared with them.  The two old ones smelt of baked potatoes cooked over a wood bonfire.  They both had weird hair - thin and with patches of dark brown although basically white.  The man's was long on patches as if it had been attacked with a pair of scissors.

We went to the Plunkett Street station and found out that the trains to Limerick Junction were being replaced by buses tomorrow.  We decided to take the direct train to Dublin tomorrow.

 Note - don't ever go back to Tramore - or Waterford for that matter.

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