Trip to Ireland September – October 2006


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Sunday 24 September

We were off to a late start as yesterday was pretty tiring.  We first bought a Sunday paper at convenience store.  We asked the eastern European clerk which of the Sunday papers were Irish and he tried to steer us to the News of the World!

We then went across the Liffey and had a latte at Lemon Jelly and read the paper.


O'Connell Street was busy with a lot of pedestrians.  From there we walked in front of the Custom House and took a look at the Docklands development.  There is a lot of construction under way and the railway will be put in shortly.  Lunch was cod/smoked cod and chips. One of the girls in the restaurant greeted two guys who had a large Labrador.  The dog was treated to a piece of fish (with batter) and a drink outside while they went inside.  The washroom was illuminated by a single candle.  It wasn't so bad once your eyes had become accustomed to the dark.


We walked across the river and past Pearce station with its decorative cast iron bridge, columns and entranceway, past the row of artists selling their work and took a look at Merrion Square Park which is well kept.  Several of the cast iron lamp posts were works of art in themselves.  The Georgian houses are on three sides of the square.  Apart from their elegant doors and the occasional ironwork balcony they are quite stark.

A short walk brought us to the north side of St. Stevens Green to Dawson and the Dawson Lounge reputed to be the smallest pub in Dublin.  It is down a flight of stairs and very cosy.  When we arrived for a Guinness and a Bulmers Cider we were the only ones there but it began to fill up shortly thereafter. 

We went back to the hotel through a covered market, now used for artists and a flea market followed by a short foray to pick up a book on Luas.

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