Structures in Quebec

Aylmer, QC
Near Rivermead
GPS 45.39375, -75.79106

Near Foley and Dickens
GPS 45.384331, -75.820601
Two concrete culverts under the former CPR Waltham sub and probably HER tracks.  The spacing between sides of the culverts looked like it could support 3 tracks.  I think in these places the two HER tracks ran right beside the CPR ones.  Both culverts are of the same style and both are labelled 1910 on the north side.  The south side is blank.   I just took photos of the Rivermead one.
Malcolm Vant October 2015

Aylmer, QC
GPS 45.386321  -75.803226
Wooden culvert under the former Waltham sub just south of the HER Car Barn.  The CPR went south of the barn and the HER tracks north of it.  There is a hole in the culvert from the top - good place to get a bike wheel stuck, but luckily I didn't!  This culvert is only about one track wide.
Malcolm Vant October 2015
Between Bristol, QC and Fitzroy, ON 
45.466511, -76.286432
CN (CNoR) bridge over the Ottawa River, abandoned line between Pembroke and Ottawa, Nepean Junction.
Colin Churcher 2013
Campbells Bay, QC
Just east ot town centre
GPS 45.729694, -76.599639
Small one piece I-beam steel bridge (CP (PPJ), replaced in the 1960s.

The Cyclopark PPJ: a Pontiac Train Story

Photo by Malcolm Vant August 2016
Dalhousie Mills, QC
GPS 45.298152, -74.453694
Circular stone base and tank (CP)
Street View October 2012
Davidson, QC
on the eastern approach to Davidson, just before the Davidson sawmill.
GPS 45.867758,  -76.757417
Small steel bridge over Coulonge River, built 1887 by Dominion Bridge, Lachine CP (PPJ) on the Waltham sub at MP 69.0.  It limited the trip to Waltham to D4s or smaller. D4s were restricted to 10mph and A1s and A2s to 20mph.
The west end of the bridge is riveted plate DPG construction and then the rest is a truss bridge. The two types of bridging are shown in the right photo.  All photos by Malcolm Vant August 2016.
The Cyclopark PPJ: a Pontiac Train Story
Duhamel, QC
Iroquois, 4.8 km south
Bridge over Iroquois Creek, TNVR rails removed 1986In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Gatineau, QC
GPS 45.463229, -75.725023
Former CPR Lachute sub bridge over the Gatineau River showing the adaptation for Rapibus use and the addition of a cycling lane on the outside of the original bridge.  Photo taken by Malcolm Vant  in Oct 2013
Gatineau (Hull), QC
Brewery Creek near the site of former Hull Beemer station.
GPS  45.435506, -75.726
The former CPR steel girder bridge is still in place and is now covered with a plank deck and equipped with railings as part of the NCC bike paths.  This bridge separated two adjacent wyes.  One at Hull (Beemer) linked the Maniwaki Sub with the M&O (when it extended to Ottawa West) and the other joined the M&O and Lachute Subs.

Photos by Malcolm Vant 2015
Gatineau (Hull), QC
GPS 45.424152, -75.724214

E.B. Eddy bridge over Brewery Creek on the siding into Eddy's, section that runs parallel to Boulevard Alexandre Tachḗ.  Malcolm Vant photos
Gatineau (Hull), QC
GPS 45.430132, -75.704245
Alexandra or Interprovincial Bridge over Ottawa River. Southbound lane, railway 1900-1960, northbound lane and walkway carried HER streetcars 1900-1947.
Findings on the Interprovincial Bridge
Centenary of the Interprovincial Bridge

Colin Churcher photo 2002
Gatineau (Hull), QC
GPS  45.418539, -75.729655
Prince of Wales Bridge (CP) 
North part, Colin Churcher 2015
Gatineau (Hull), QC
North of Prince of Wales Bridge
GPS 45.421589, -75.731597
Malcolm Vant photo October 2013

HER streetcar bridge over CP formerly used by CP to gain access to E.B. Eddy.
Hull, QCsee Gatineau
Kazabazua, QC
Veloroute/Cyclepath des Draveurs
GPS  45.945052, -76.054182
CP bridge over Kazabazua river, rails removed 1986. It is believed that this is a "trail bridge" to replace the original railway bridge.  Confirmation and picture required.
Google Earth 2017
Lachute, QC
Abutments from GN bridges over Riviere du Nord.
Two locations
GPS 45.657541, -74.342783
GPS 45.656104, -74.350308

East abutment on the West River, taken from the west abutment 
Photo by Gerry Gaugl April 18 2015
GPS  45.655917, -74.351333

West abutment on main branch
Photo by Gerry Gaugl April 18 2015
GPS  45.657500, -74.343556
Low, QC
Just south of the village
Abutments from CP bridge over Stagg Creek, rails removed 1986, bridge removed 1987 and a "Trail Bridge" installed.Need picture
Between Portage du Fort, QC and Ontario, ON
GPS 45.613624, -76.671870
CN (CNoR) bridge across the Ottawa River, abandoned line between Pembroke and Ottawa, Nepean Junction.
Photo by Raymond Farand October 2008
Singer, QC
1.6 km north
Two TNVR steel bridges, rails removed 1987.In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Singer, QC
1.6 km south
GPS 45.889911, -75.131585
One TNVR steel bridge, formerly CP turntable, rails removed 1987From Google earth 2017 would appear to be still in place.
Vinton, QC
4 km west of village, just west of Callaghan Rd.

GPS 45.809472, -76.662639
Small steel bridge over Serpentine River or Crique a Bernard CP (PPJ).  This is a half through deck plate girder bridge at mile 62.11 of the former Waltham sub. It is supported on abutments at the ends, but it also has old wooden supports under the deck that are now rotted through.
Photos by Malcolm Vant August 2016.
Ray Farand writes:(7/2019)
"Seems to me  that I remember the current plate girder bridge being changed out in the late 50s early 60s. may be that the piles supported the previous structure and were never removed when the replacement bridge was installed.

 The Cyclopark PPJ: a Pontiac Train Story
Wakefield, QC
GPS  45.640885, -75.927578
Turntable installed in 1974 for the steam train, now disused.
Photo Stu Moxley August 2015
Wakefield, QC
GPS 45.640098, -75.927732
Water tank installed in 1992 for the steam train, now disused
Photo Stu Moxley August 2015

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