June 1964

In which I continue work as a Management Trainee on British Railways and become involved in the Bus Stop Scheme for the Berks and Hants Line..

Tuesday 2 June

Reading d. 0823 T
Twyford a. 0830
Twyford d. 0831  T
Paddington a. 0905  +5

Paddington d. 1720  T
Westbourne Park p. 1723 +1
Double yellow - 1715 Paddington
Southall p. 1732  +1
Slough p. 1742  T
Relief line
Maidenhead a. 1753  -2
Maidenhead d. 1755  -2
Wargrave d. 1812  -3
Shiplake d. 1816  -3
Henley a. 1819  T

Thursday 4 June
0815 Reading DMU (0718 Bedwyn)
Speed kept to 60 mph all the way.  1 minute gained by Southall, I minute early arrival at Paddington.
D1020 1745 Paddington to Bristol as far as Reading.

Sunday 7 June

The Bus Stop Scheme is beginning to hot up.  Mr. Phillips wants it in on Sundays only from 21st June and on the l;ate shift from 22nd June.  I went with a committee of the NUR National Executive Committee down to Bedwyn to try and decide how much the guards should be paid.  Nothing decided.  Wednesday I went up to Gerrards Cross and rode back from High Wycombe on a Western class diesel.  I had hoped it would be a Brush Sulzer.

Auntie Vi is staying for a little time at Orpington.  She is still far from well and the operation has made her nerves much worse.  She is stuttering badly and can't sit still for a moment.  I wouldn't want to live with her for very long.

D1062 2125 Paddington to Cardiff as far as Reading.

Monday 8 June
D826 0910 Reading to Newbury (Plymouth train) 5 minutes late
1118 Newbury to Reading  - single power car and drive end trailer.
1342 Reading to Paddington dmu arrived 4 minutes early.
1738 Paddington to Reading D7063 with a motive power inspector
Paddington d. 1738  T
Westbourne Park p 1742  +1
Southall p. 1753  -3

To Relief line West Drayton, to Main line at Ruscombe
Slough p. 1811  -10

Maidenhead p. 1823  -17

Twyford a. 1836  -22
Twyford d. 1837  -21
Reading a. 1849  -25
Maximum rpm 1550 yet engine would not exceed 40 mph.  It would not go into third gear. Second gear had to be held in manually by the inspector.  Two alarm lights ar Southall, one at Shlough West.
20 mph pws at Taplow.  Engine taken off at Reading.

Tuesday 9 June
D7076  0823 Reading to Paddington a.  0906  +4.

Wednesday 10 June
0808 Reading to Paddington.
This was a Hall class 4-6-0 (usually a Hymek turn)  We left 5 minutes late but picked up threebefore Paddington.  It was a very, very rough engine.  The roughest I have ever travelled on.  I had to hold on all the time, it was especially bad as I was standing on the fall plate behind the driver to keep out of the fireman's way.  The engine didn't steam too well and the fireman used the doors instead of the shovelling plate.  He sacrificed the water level in order to keep pressure.  We certainly didn't hang around - the impression of speed was even greater with the rattling and banging of the engine.  She lurched a bit at times.  I was deaf for about half an hour afterwards.

I clearly remember this trip forty five years later!  The pricker was left out against the foredoors ready for instant use.  The other thing I clearly remember is the nasty looks from the passengers who looked down their noses at us on the footplate.

Paddington d. 1815 T  14 coaches
Twyford 1900  T
This engine has been uprated and the maximum rpm was 1500.

Thursday 11 June

D1003 (Royal Duchy)
Reading d. 0912  -2
Newbury a. 0933  -3
Time spent at stations was increased by loading parcels traffic.
Return to Reading with a single power car and drive end trailer driven by Jack Webber.

Sunday 14 June
Brush Sulzer D1737
Paddington d. 1925
To relief line Dolphin Junction then to Main line Twyford East.

Wednesday 17 June
D7077  0823 Reading to Paddington a. 0905  +5
D7058  1738 Paddington to Reading  T

Thursday 18 June
D7077  0823 Reading to Paddington a. 0907 +3

Friday 19 June
D7077  0823 Reading, Slough 0849 alarm light, high transmission temperature, shut back and the light went out.  Paddington a. 0909  +1

Sunday 21 June
D1055 1925 Paddington T

Monday 22 June
D7071  1738 Paddington T

Tuesday 23 June
D7077 0823 Reading to Paddington a. 0906 +4

Friday 26 June
D7077 0823 Reading to Paddington a. 0905  +5
1125 Reading to Newbury 2 car cross country dmu
1225 Newbury to Reading 2 car cross country dmu
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