February 1964

In which I continue work as a Management Trainee on British Railways.

Tuesday 18 February

I have finished my six weeks at the Research/URS Section and am now at Acton Marshalling Yard.  I am finding it quite interesting although I am currently working nights.  I expect I will double back in order that I may be able to leave on Friday to go to Worksop.  It was at night in Acton Marshalling Yard that I was nearly run down by a train. I was walking along a train approaching the engine.  I didn't hear a second train creeping up on me on the line I was walking down.

I went to the Liner Train Exhibition at Marylebone a coupe of weeks ago. the idea is to run these trains to the same standard as coaching stock.

Monday 24 February

From Worksop I travelled to Derby via Mansfield and Nottingham for a two week course for Management Trainees.  We went up to Whitley Bay on the Wednesday evening via Sheffield Midland, Pontefract, York and Newcastle.  The following day we had a look at the Tyne Hump Marshalling Yard.  The yard was very interesting  They can deal with a train quickly but in terms of cost and speed  of making connections I prefer Acton Yard.

Friday 28 February

I returned from Derby to Orpington for Mum's birthday tomorrow.  A type 4 diesel failed and we only had a type 2 which lost half an hour into St. Pancras - and no heat.

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