Thurso and Nation Valley Railway

TNVR Diary 1940 -1943

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January 27, 1940 From P.B. Bourget to Harry Burke, Ste Sixte

 Correspondence regarding snow clearance. Points out that if the municipality leaves snow on the right of way so that an accident is caused they will be held responsible.

 August 9, 1940 From Mr. Cory to Damien Lafleur

 Thanks him for his letter advising his son Bill that they were about to start laying steel on the other side of the bridge and he can have his place any time he cares to return. He has now obtained a job in the CPR freight office here and prefers to remain here for the balance of the summer. Mr. Bourget kindly sent his cheque in the amount of $8.37. I have written to Mr. Bourget thanking him for his kindness and attach a copy.

 August 9, 1940 From Mr. Cory to P.B. Bourget

 Thanks for sending the cheque for $8.37 being part of my youngster's wages while working with your company. Bill returned home bag and baggage after enjoying his two weeks in the bush on your railroad line. He found the work quite interesting but hard and asked Mr. Lafleur to release him until the general construction of the railroad continued. I think the young lad has a bad case on a certain young lady in town here and was anxious to get home to see her for a few days. However, upon his return he began to fret and went down to see the CPR freight office here. They took him on and he is now busy heaving freight. They pay their truckers 50c an hour which is big money to the youngster. Thanks, kind regards

 September 13, 1940 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and Scheult

 Notes of a visit to the woods - September 12
1 - Steam shovel in the cut at station 124. Problem is disposal of waste material from the cut. D-2 tractor and trail builder was tried out. This machine is too light for that kind of work. Mr. Scheult expected the 40 to be on the job on Saturday 14th and to continue down through the swamp moving boulders, stumps and other obstructions wherever they crowd the center line.
2 - The possibility of truck filling 300 ft 1255 yards from station 147+50 to 150 was discussed and the writer is to obtain a quotation from Blais on this job.
3 - The steam shovel was tied up part of the 11th and until one o'clock on the 12th due to broken bolts.

September 14, 1940 Switching order to Damien Lafleur

 TNVR box #1 Thurso to Headquarters - oats, provender
TNVR flat #110 Thurso to Headquarters - tie plates
CP 172819 Thurso to Headquarters - Horses
CP 345929 Thurso to Headquarters - Coal
CP 210552 Thurso to Headquarters - Hay

 September 23, 1940 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and others

 Attaches letter from purchasing agent at New York. Government purchases for its armament programs will create supply difficulties for both materials and tools. We had better make sure we have adequate supplies on hand.

 November 22, 1940 From Ferrier Aubin to TNVR

 Report on checking material for the new extension.
Total length of extension - 3 miles & 2902 ft (one rail only) No. Switches 1st (through switch) 1168 ft
2nd (at camp 10) 675 ft
3rd (at Farm Lake) 328 ft
Switch ties 166
8ft ties (cedar) 10,331
Bridge ties 70
Steel - On the first three miles there is some 70# (Mr. Lafleur knows how long). Balance of steel is 56# rails.
Report signed by Poliquin. 

January 7, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and others

 Attached is a copy of a contract with Imperial Oil showing prices for various oils and greases. Prices are FOB their warehouse. Please study your oil requirements carefully and order on a price and service basis. These prices are in to June 1, 1941.

 March 13, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and others

 Please post a notice along the following lines:
It is now extremely difficult to obtain supplies of the above and consequently we must ask every employee not to waste such items. Bolts and nuts can be rethreaded, scrap can be resold.
This notice should be in the language your staff can read the best.

 April 23, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 We shall require stone for the construction of the fireplace and chimney at Lac Barriere Depot. Mr. Carneil will get in touch with you and you can pick out the best spot to get it, sizes etc.

 May 5, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 A new engine has been bought for the speeder at a cost of $122.60.
The old one will be delivered to Engineering Department Thurso for overhaul as a spare.

 May 6, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Attached is a letter from Charlemagne Massie concerning the killing of one of his sheep. Will you thoroughly investigate the condition of his fence and advise if in your opinion a female sheep could crawl under the fence at that point or, in other words, if you are responsible.

 May 6, 1941 From CPR General Purchasing Agent to TNVR

 Refers to letter of 2nd April regarding #7 or #9 turnout. Are making inquiries and will communicate futher at a later date.

 May 12, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 On week ends or at any time of dry weather, the railroad should be left clear for speeders for fire protection purposes. Last night (Sunday p.m.) two bunk cars were left on the wye at mile 26. It was impossible to turn the Kalamazoo.

 June 18, 1941 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and others

 All Engineers Certificates should be renewed by the end of the present month.

 June 19, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Scheult

 Please exercise more supervision over logs coming to the mill. Today I personally saw two 27' logs suitable for veneer which never should have been dumped into the pond. This kind of thing should not be allowed to go on when we are doing all we can to buy logs outside and using everything that we possibly can in the Veneer Mill, including large logs with seams and even ones with one or two knots. It is obvious that some additional expense along this line will be well spent.

 June 23, 1941 From Weaver Coal Co. to TNVR (Hird)

Apologized for the quality of coal received in CP 346963 and have noted that it was heavy in degradation and you used more that has been the case with coal shipped previously. Have asked Mr. Courtney to go to Prescott and examine the coal pile there. This was the first car of coal from the new lot that we put in stock for you this year as the two previous cars shipped in February were from the Pittsburgh Coal Co. pile at Prescott and that coal cost at time $8.10 and the cost is now $8.75 as against your price of $8.00 on the Hercules Egg Coal.

 June 23, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and others

 The Workman's Compensation Act provides for indemnities to be paid to minors. In the event of an accident however, circumstances would have a bearing as to whether or not the man would be entitled to sue for negligence on the part of the Company. Therefore, no minor should be called upon to work where there are hazardous risks unless he has been specially trained in that particular class of work and can prove it.

 June 30, 1941 From Main Office to W.W. Lamb

 Rush sawing instructions. Hemlock to be delivered to Mayo Bridge, Que.

July 3, 1941 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and W.W. Lamb

 We do not appear to have received a reply to our letter of June 24 in which we requested that you kindly let us have a list of your lubricating oil and grease requirements for the next twelve months. Our reasons for requesting this, as mentioned in our previous letter, is because it is just possible that oils and greases will be difficult to obtain on short notice and it might be advisable for us to purchase ahead and avoid delays or shut downs.

July 22 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Car 27 will be placed on the rear end of the log train for 11:30 am Saturday August 2. Mr. Davidson and party of 8 are coming to the L.B. Depot for a week and they have asked to be taken over your railroad. I am giving you plenty of notice so that it will be possible for you to arrange your program so that you can give the boys a half day in the week or whatever arrangements you wish to make. Click here to return to TNVR history.

 July 25, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Lengthy memo about the need for more cooperation in the unloading operation. Refers to the need to keep the log pond full enough to permit a one engine operation.

August 21, 1941 From L.E. Hird to Headquarters

 To simplify the handling of supplies and to avoid unnecessary trips suggest that a weekly shipment be made. This would require that an empty boxcar be left at Thurso each week. When they pick up one car they should drop an empty. Any goods received may be placed in the TNVR car and the railway can pick this up weekly on any day that would be convenient to them.

August 26, 1941 From F.P. Weaver Coal Ltd. to TNVR

 Long letter about the supply of coal. Asked that TNVR take coal from Prescott.

August 31 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 The President of the Company will arrive in Thurso on Thursday evening and proceed to the Barriere. On Friday he will tour the new Headquarters etc. In the morning and also the works at Thurso in the early afternoon.
Mr. Lafleur will arrange for a clear line from Thurso to mile 38 after 4.00 p.m. on Thursday and from 2pm to 4pm on Friday or arrange for meeting on Friday by phone Thursday evening. Logging Department will have two cars available (Scheult & Yank) either at the Farm Lake or office Thursday evening - exact place and time will be phoned later - and the same will apply Friday morning to go and see the new railway extension, Headquarters, Power House etc. Click here to return to TNVR history.

 September 9, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to CPR Purchasing Dept.

Some time ago we purchased some coal buckets from you. These had been used to load coal on locomotives at smaller centers such as Calumet. We would like to purchase eight more if you can dispose of them.

September 12, 1941 From CPR General Purchasing Agent to P.B. Bourget

With reference to your letter of 9th inst. in connection with coal buckets. We are making inquiries and will be pleased to communicate with you further at a later date.

September 13, 1941 Switching order to Damien Lafleur

 CP 298021 from track 15 Thurso to Jasmin Trestle, 10x10 Pine lumber.

September 18, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Logging Department

 Osias Sabourin has made his payments on the Jasmin Farm and will continue to do so. We purchased 16 tons of pressed hay from him at $18.00 per ton in the barn.
Lanthier may have 50 tons. If he sells, we would load at his crossing. He states he is disappointed in not having to rent us his three teams.

September 20, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 We have received advice today from the CPR that they cannot furnish us with coal buckets. We suggest that you see Mr. Clairmont about making wooden buckets. We presume that the lifting attachments on the old buckets are serviceable, particularly the lifting bar and if so, all these should be brought to Thurso to be used on the wooden buckets.

October 22, 1941 From Logging Department (Poliquin) to Main Office

 Report of collision between Kalamazoo and Section speeder. October 10th 11.45am rock cut mile 37.

October 27, 1941 From Zagerman to Singer Manufacturing Co.

Refers to letter of October 25 re. Fishplates and spikes. There are no tie plates available. If you are interested in same please advise as we can quote 2 cents per pound f.o.b. Egan Estate.
In pencil "Mr. Lafleur, Do you need spikes?"

October 27, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Next year we think it would be a good idea to report the number of "halves" you dump in the various creeks. You could then report through Headquarters the total number placed and weekly thereafter the number of "halves" loaded and delivered to Thurso thus showing a weekly balance on hand in "halves".

November 4, 1941 From Conseil de Ripon to TNVR

 Resolution of the council concerning two culverts affected by ice which have affected the flow of water. 

November 10, 1941 Locomotive report #3

 Romain Boucher
Blow off 190 lbs, all valves to be ground. Both links to be repaired. Front brake beam air cylinder to be repaired. Loose rivets in bottom of water tank. New pins for reverse lever and all holes to be rimed (sic) out. Floor under cab needs new steel pack. Remove shims in eccentric strap. New door lining. Four automatic drains to be made. Throttle valve to be ground. Cylinder drains to be ground. Pop valve to be ground. Reduce both big end brasses. New conduct pipe in coal box. Two crosshead pin brasses to be reduced. Air cylinder on front to be repaired. New leather in air cylinder middle truck. Click here to return to TNVR Locomotives #3

 November 14, 1941 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

 All the hemlock ties at Duhamel have been purchased from Mr. Dent and are the property of the TNVR.

December 18, 1941 From P.B. Bourget to L.E. Hird

 Please reserve all veneer log buttings for the L.B. Depot until further notice. Sometime next week Mr. Lafleur will load everything available for delivery to Mr. Yank. In addition he has two cars loaded for delivery to Headquarters or to Camp 10. Arrangements will be made to allow them the use of the Mack truck with dump so that the blocks can be unloaded directly on to the truck and dumped at the lodge to save handling. 

February 9, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and others

 Make a survey this spring and collect all non usable scrap metal for resale. The Blanche-Nominique, etc.etc should be searched for old machinery etc. I refer to our own properties only.

February 12, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Since you are getting short of firemen and since Osias Richer is on a diet we suggest that you get someone, preferably from Duhamel, and train them as a fireman. There is a man up there by the name of Anatole Filiatrault who occasionally got into a bit of trouble but to my recollection was a very good worker. My suggestion is that you get hold of him and put him on the engine with Osias Richer. If Osias is sick he might be able to ride the engine and show Filiatrault how to fire, at least do the shovelling. Even if it takes a month, six weeks or more we must train some man as it is practically impossible to obtain men from outside.
Please attend to this promptly. Mr. Scheult will cooperate with you, and if Filiatrault is on his payroll will arrange to transfer. Click here to return to TNVR History

 March 3, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 While at mile 26 this morning, the writer noticed that the locks on the oil and tool box car also the steam engine on the coal hoist were all unlocked. Because of the scarcity of oil that will soon exist, also the difficulty of getting tools, we must insist that you notify your people to keep everything locked at all times.

March 3, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Mrs. Alde. Ducharme of mile 26 wants to start a restaurant in what was formerly the store room at the old Headquarters building. I told Mrs. Ducharme that I would have to think the matter over and in the meantime I would have your views. We do not think it is a very good idea and we are not in favour of it. If you agree please tell Mrs. Ducharme.

March 13, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Scheult

 Please send to Thurso say half dozen large diameter sound Spruce logs. These are for quarter sawing on the headsaw in an effort to get straight grained Spruce available for aeroplane blades. Let me know when these logs reach Thurso and are to be sawn.

March 21, 1942 From Scheult to Damien Lafleur

 Shop order #63 for tearing down buildings at Mile 26.

May 2, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Messrs. Scheult and Lafleur

1 - Carneil will grade and build culverts to the end of the projected line i.e. to the north side of Creek a John, station 22.91 + 37.8.
2 - Sufficient force will be put on by him to complete the job by the first of August.
3 - Tracklaying will be done by our own forces unless otherwise decided.
4 - Right of way fence, including return portions into the track and public highway crossings, will be done by Carneil from mile 38 to end of steel. For the rest, farm fences and lot division fences will be put back temporarily across the grade to retain cattle etc.
5 - Grading can be started without necessarily having the right of way fences erected. The Contractor will see that the farm fences crossing grade are kept closed morning and night after work is completed.
6 - A clerk will stay in Carneil's camp to keep track of all labour for payroll purposes as well of number of hours put in by each unit of equipment. Time will be kept by the hour and the clerk will go out on the job to get this himself. Payrolls will be made up bi-weekly and forwarded to Thurso promptly for approval. Cheques will be issued from Headquarters on the Ripon account.
7 - Carneil will bring one foreman. He will hire local labour, including one tractor operator if you can spare one.
8 - You will arrange to have a shop order issued covering repairs to Carneil's equipment which may be done at your machine shop & garage. The usual stock charges will be arranged for by Mr. Poliquin who will see that he gets proper information from Carneil's clerk.
9 - Purchase of supplies and materials will be done in the usual manner by requisition which will show the proper accounts to which the materials should be charged.
10 - Have the clerk use the usual forms to record the equipment time and use a separate form for our own equipment and that belonging to Mr. Carneil.

May 5, 1942 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

Lists railroad construction account numbers.

May 18, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Railway Dept.

Rules governing the employment of all labour.
1 - Form Th 136 to be completed in duplicate by foreman and signed by the Superintendent.
2 - Applicant and the form to be sent to the clerk in charge who will complete and obtain authorization.
3 - Upon approval, the applicant will be presented with a badge and, when presented, this will be the authority to put him to work. 

May 21, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Scheult and Damien Lafleur

The independent school operated by the Company at Singer will be discontinued at the end of the present term. Kindly arrange to let us have an inventory of the contents of the building (desks, teachers desks, tables, chairs, books and other accessories). A copy can be given to the school board at Duhamel with a letter advising them that the lot is for sale.
Dismantle the bell and send it to the Stock Department at Thurso.
Please look at the possibility of cutting the building into two or three sections, bracing it, and transporting it on bunk cars to the new Headquarters at mile 38.

May 21, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Scheult and Damien Lafleur

 Mr. Lafleur to advise if the work of tearing down all the buildings we agreed to at mile 26 is completed. Arrangements should then be made to transfer the wagon scales from mile 26 to mile 38 and these should be located so that they can be used at that point. Return to TNVR history

June 22, 1942 From Scheult to Damien Lafleur

 Shop order #746 for building another Veneer Dam on Green Creek near Cairo Lake.

July 8, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 We can borrow one gasoline locomotive from the factory at St. Johns. This is similar to the Plymouth locomotive in the yard. Possibly this would suit better for track laying. However we do not mean that it could pull any very heavy loads of rails from mile 28 to 43 but it could handle anything from 38 north. Please let me know what you think of it.
Of course we realise it would be cheaper to do with the Kalamazoo providing the men do not have to wait for rail and also if it is not necessary to over load this machine to the point where it will break it.

July 8, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Barclay Boyd

 Please arrange with the contractor, Mr. Carneil, to distribute ties beginning at the present end of steel. Mr. Lafleur will provide a man to show him how this should be done and stay with him until the job is finished.
They should be delivered by truck along the right of way - about fifteen or sixteen per rail length. Leave the road crossings open but leave enough ties to carry the tracks across the crossings. Arrange with Mr. Lafleur to requisition sufficient planks for both public and farm crossings. Please see Mr. Lafleur about this because on some of the farm crossings only four planks are required, the centre being filled with gravel.
Please notify me as soon as this work is started and as soon as possible the chainage distributed in one day. It is the intention to start track laying as soon as they are sufficiently ahead in tie distribution. Mr. Poliquin advised us today that there are 10000 ties on hand but Mr. Lafleur states on a count by himself when loaded shows 6400 cedar ties at the end of the line and 900 were purchased from Dent. This will not be sufficient for the 3.5 to 4 miles of rail we have on hand so we have advised Mr. Scheult today to get another 2000 made. If we can obtain steel from the CPR it is our intention to lay track right through to mile 44, in which case more ties will have to be obtained locally.

July 10, 1942 From Barclay Boyd to Damien Lafleur

 Please requisition plank required for the road crossings on this year's extension of the TNVR. There are 9 public road crossings and 15 farm crossings. Two miles of grade were ready for tie distribution. Mr. Bourget advises me you can let us have a man to look after the spacing, we can proceed with this as soon as you send him.
Below this, in pencil, is "100pc 3x10x16, 75pc3x10x12"

July 22, 1942 From Canton de Ripon to TNVR

 Minutes from a meeting requesting TNVR to cut the noxious weeds along the right of way.

July 31, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

At mile 22, that is to say, from the crossing north of Nelson Lafontaine's at Green lake up to our own shack you will find quite a number of branches bearing on the telephone lines. It might be a good idea to have the section men relieve the situation.

August 5, 1942 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and others

 The radio this morning issued strict instructions from the government that great care must be given all manila rope now in use or on hand as replacement stocks are questionable. No person or industry is to purchase other than immediate requirements and must not keep in stock more than a 60 day supply. Please check up and salvage any rope not now in use and keep in storehouse for other use. No new rope is to be issued from stock unless approved by Manager or the writer and approval will only be given if rope is absolutely necessary.

August 28, 1942 From CPR, Hillman to P.B. Bourget

 Enclosed plan of bolts for 56# and 60# rail. I have frequently seen contractors outfits use ordinary bolts and they appeared to work satisfactorily.
Sales order has been issued to cover 200 tons of 60 lb branch line relay rail, with splice bars, now available at Eastman and this will be loaded as soon as possible and forwarded to Thurso.

August 29, 1942 From Zagerman Company to Sawmill

Refers to letter of August 24. Regret have no tie plates on hand. Will be contacting several firms and should have something firm in a few days. Also contacting a Mill who have new ones rolled and will communicate with you as soon as we get a price.

August 31, 1942 From L.E. Hird to Sawmill

Sawing order for cedar ties, squared and flatted, for delivery to TNVR construction site mile 37 to 44.

October 14, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to A. Clairmont

Will you please have Phillip Lalonde or yourself make an estimate of the timbers required to repair the coal dock at mile 26. The estimate will be used to prepare the timbers for delivery to the site but construction will not commence until next spring.

October 19, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Please look at the attached letter and let me know if this is the man you want to remain on the farm at Baie de l'Ours siding. If we were to sell the property, we might reserve enough for future development including a house for someone who would take care of the drives etc. 

October 30, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Arrangements have been made with Mr. Boyd of CPR to send a man to Thurso, arriving here on the noon train Monday to look at the driving boxes on #2 and tell us what we can do about them. Mr. Boyd has agreed that the ends of the boxes can be built up or shimmed and has agreed that they will do the whole job of fitting the boxes and putting new tires at Angus Shops, if this is necessary. Mr. Lamb will arrange to have the man met at the station and we would ask you to have the #2 available at that hour.

November 3, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Please advise what will be the most convenient date for tying up the No. 2 engine for repairs to the running gear.
(In pencil is the notation "to go to shop Nov 17/42") Click here to return to TNVR Locomotives.

 November 13, 1942 From Kalamazoo Railway Supply Co to Singer Manufacturing

Re: Kalamazoo Motor Car #55 Refers to letter of 5 Nov. Motor car #55 has a maximum carrying capacity of five tons on the car and is capable of operating on grades of 4% carrying this maximum load at 15 mph max. It has power to pull a trailer and the maximum speed on grades would be cut down depending upon the loads towed.

November 16, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Kindly arrange to pick out an employee to handle the operation of the Kalamazoo. This was transferred as of today from the Logging Department and you will be responsible for its operation, maintenance and work. The man you choose should be held responsible by you for its condition and also to see that it is not overloaded or run on trips other than Company business. Mr. Scheult will cooperate and when this man is not busy on trips for you or the Logging Department he can be given work to do around Headquarters.

December 15, 1942 From P.B. Bourget to F.P. Weaver Coal Co.

It will be in order for you to supply Emily Cleaned Egg coal to complete our contract at the increased price of 23c per net ton which we understand is to cover increased rail freight. You will be notified at least two weeks in advance before we require any more coal and it would seen advisable that we try out the Emily coal before any large quantity is shipped.

December 23, 1942 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

Empty cars are being returned to Thurso without being notified to the office. Please make out the usual switching lists to avoid unnecessary demurrage charges.

December 30, 1942 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and others

Instructions for reporting accidents. Contains a circular letter from the Québec Lumberman's Accident Prevention Association concerning a "merit system".
Doctor's phone is listed. In each case ORDER the injured employee to go to the doctor. Minor cases can be walked provided it will not aggravate the injury. Doubtful cases should be transported to the doctor or hospital if necessary. Foremen and others using private cars for transportation will be paid 50 cents to Dr. Poliquin's office or to the employees home, to Buckingham or Masson - 8 cents per mile; to Hull or Ottawa $4.00 per trip. 

January 12, 1943 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

It will be necessary for you to give at least three weeks notice of any further requirements of coal. It would be better to give the Weaver Coal Co a schedule of our requirements for the next three months. PS. Car B&O 125018 should reach Thurso on or about the 17th.

January 26, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur and others

The sawmill cannot be started immediately because of snow and labour conditions. Plan your supply of small requisitions for one weekly delivery to save the expense of small pay load trips. Use the mail direct from suppliers in Papineauville wherever possible. Have your clerks check closely on the provisions and fodder to have at least two weeks supply or more on hand to avoid small rush shipments.

April 7, 1943 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

Request for write up for "Singer News".

April 8, 1943 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur and others

Increase in Income Tax deductions.

April 20, 1943 From L.E. Hird to W.W. Lamb

Contains an extract from a circular from the Q.M.I. Association about the use of manila rope. Because of the lack of sisal fibre the production of rope will be curtailed to 60% of the 1942 production. Therefore take care of all the rope that you have. Because there is a lack of the basic raw material it is unlikely that representations on our part will affect the situation.

May 23, 1943 From Chas Warnock & Co to Singer Manufacturing

Progress report No 1.
This is an extensive report about an order placed with Zagerman's for 400 tons 56 lb rails, 3.6 tons of track bolts, 4 #7 turnouts with switch points and frogs and switch stands. The company examined the quality of rails at Barrys Bay, Ont and one carload was shipped in CN 653015 for singers approval. The switches and stands are of the butt or stub variety and useless for standard road.

May 29, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Subject: Abondius Séguin

Kindly let us have a report concerning this gentleman's request for a gate somewhere and return the letter at the same time.

June 2, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Barclay Boyd

Remi Sabourin purchased from us that part of the lot west of the big fill which was formerly the Jasmin Trestle. He claims that there is no fence although I doubt whether a cow could climb the fill. Before Mr. Lafleur puts in a fence please establish a boundary line on both sides of the centre line of the track. It should be 125 feet from the centre line on both sides.

June 3, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Beginning Saturday June 5, and until further notice, the sawmill will close at noon on Saturday.

June 3, 1943 From Poliquin to Pierre Blais

In view of the difficulties we have had in communicating with you bearing in mind the number of trips I have to make to the camp of Fregneau I shall assume the line is clear unless you warn me before by phone that you will be coming down.

June 8, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Dominion Statutory Holidays. Refers to Order in Council PC 8682 which provides for the observance of Statutory Holidays for the duration of the war.

June 15, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Sesselwein Bros. Montréal

Order for four pairs switch points and four Jackson switch stands.
Prices switch points new - $57.50, second hand $40.50 each.< BR> Switch stands $38.50 each.

June 19, 1943 From L.H. Hird to Damien Lafleur

We do not have a complete record of speeders now in use on the TNVR by Railway, Forest Protection and Woods Department employees. Kindly let us have a list together with identification numbers with make, type and HP of each.

June 22, 1943 From Poliquin to Damien Lafleur

Please make sure we get the meal list with your time list. We presently have to guess the number of meals for your men. In future we will wait for such list before we make up the payroll.

June 22, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

1 - Put #2 on spotting the shovel for about two days.
2 - Pick up the rails at the end of the switch and about 3 poles this side of the Duhamel road.
There are also some rails at the Villeneuve dump both loose and in a short piece of track. The tail track of the wye should be lifted if Mr. Scheult says he does not need it for logs next winter. We shall need all the rails we can lay our hands on to complete the job. If there is any scrap in the above send it up last for use in the tail track of the wye.

June 23, 1943 From Lamb to Damien Lafleur and others

Dominion Day Holiday
Thurso works will operate July 1st and close Monday July 5 for the Dominion Day holiday.

June 24, 1943 From L.E. Hird to Damien Lafleur

Please do not forget to advise the office of all empty rail or coal cars switched out. In some cases they are put out after 6:30 p.m. without the knowledge of Messrs. Touchette or Lalonde and demurrage is paid for the day although the cars are already out. Please let us have a list of rail and coal car numbers all now up the line so necessary corrections on Per Diem report can be made with the CPR.

June 25, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

We have arranged to bring a gasoline locomotive from St. Johns and which will reach Thurso tomorrow night. You can keep the Plymouth up there for as long as is necessary for the laying of the steel.

une 25, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

I have today received the battery radio which I think should be put in the boarding car for the present so that all can enjoy listening to MacKenzie King. This radio is being sent up to you today by the Kalamazoo.
I asked Louis this morning to tell you that I thought there were too small boys handling spike mauls on the track laying end of the job. When the men go there from Thurso next week I suggest that you either lay off the small boys or put them back shovelling gravel and put able bodied men on the actual laying of the steel.
As soon as you reach the sand dump and feel that the big shovel is no longer necessary kindly try and give me two days notice because we have to give the Laviolette Construction Company, the owners of the shovel, that much notice.

June 25, 1943 from P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

It would be a blessing if you would have your sectionmen fix up the guardrail on the frog which leads off the tail track of the wye at the L.B. Depot. Anything over 1.75" between the guardrail and the track rail allows the Buick to crowd the point and derail. Fortunately I stopped just short on the point and did not go off last night but had I not stopped I would have spend another unpleasant half hour getting it aboard. On looking at the guardrail I found that the bolts were not tightened and the separators were about 1" slack. Naturally anything over this 1.75" which is standard for all guardrails will permit your cars, and possibly the locomotive, to derail just as well.
We have planed the separators on the standard frogs just south of your house and these are now all in good shape.

June 26, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Danien Lafleur

Lists 21 men from various departments who are willing to go into the bush next week or part of next week to help complete the job of building the railway to mile 47. Arrangements for holiday pay. We can take up to 25 men and if any additional men wish to go Mr. Lafleur can arrange to take them.

ly 13 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Car 27 will leave Thurso at twelve noon July 3 for a THROUGH TRIP to Lac Barriere Depot. No stops allowed.
Truck will meet 11:40 train to get baggage. There will be 7 or 8 in the party including Mr. W.A. Davidson.

July 13, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Roads Dept. Papineauville

Please inform your people to raise the grader blades where they cross the railway between Thurso and Ripon. The gravel they leave between the rail and the planks can cause a bad accident. The two front wheels of our locomotive left the rail at one point.

July 19, 1943 From Roads Dept. Papineauville to P.B. Bourget

Our workers have been advised not to put gravel in the flangeway between Thurso and Ripon.
In pencil "Lafleur, if they don't please advise".

September 30, 1943 From Department of Labour to Employees

YOUR WORK AT THIS PLANT IS ESSENTIAL TO WIN THE WAR. This establishment has been given high labour priority rating and has been classified as a "designated establishment". The employer may not serve notice of separation of any male employee without permission in writing of a Selective Service Officer. Correspondingly no male employee may give notice of separation without the permission of a Selective Service Officer. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND THE SAKE OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS HELP BEAT HITLER BY REGULAR ATTENDANCE AND THE BEST WORK YOU CAN DO.

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October 6, 1943 From Canadian Pacific General Purchasing Department to P.B. Bourget

Refers to letter of 2nd October regarding relay rail and track bolts. As requested have arranged for the Stores Department to commence shipment of the balance of the rail on October 18.

October 15, 1943 From Roads Dept. Papineauville to P.B. Bourget

During the summer we have improved the highway between St. Sixte and Ripon by adding a layer of gravel. This has allowed us to widen the driving surface. Please widen your grade crossings so that they conform to the width of the highway in the rang IX of Lochaber Nord.

October 19, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Refers to the letter from Dept. of Roads at Papineauville. The crossing they refer to is just south of mile 5 or at the top of the grade from the Wigney Trestle. When you have the opportunity please widen the crossing as requested.

November 1, 1943 From Damien Lafleur to Megantic Manufacturing Co.

Order for 40 cases cedar tie plugs.

November 2, 1943 From Canadian Pacific General Purchasing Department to P.B. Bourget

Refers to letter from TNVR of October 27 in connection with relay rail. One car of rail was shipped today and the balance will be forwarded as soon as possible.

November 3, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Scheult

Proposition from H.J. O'Connell Ltd to do the grading 3.9 miles to Little Long Lake. O'Connell would do the work at 8% per month on equipment and 10% per month on Balance. Singer to absorb repairs but not pay rental when machines are down. Would supply one D-7 one year old and one brand new D-8 with 12 yards scrapper (sic). Mr. Boyd suggested that we do the work with our own machines this fall and hire O'Connell next spring. Bourget agreed with this. The work should be planned so that the rails are laid to Little Long Lake by July 1944. We could lay some rail this fall using Prisoners of War providing arrangements could be made for Mr. Lafleur to supply a Foreman and the necessary equipment.

December 2, 1943 From P.B. Bourget to Gordon Mielke, Camp 15

Cordwood loading instructions for this week. General placement of wood is shown in detail. From the above load 3 cars 3' wood and 4 cars 4' wood. Try to pick up all scattered piles leaving any remainder in large piles. By using two cars, one in front and one behind engine, on Cr. a John section the 8cd to be hauled by team should be handled direct to car without much hold up. To scaler. Please give me roughly for weekly report purpose, the scale of all 4' wood piled on lot 37 at Friday morning. (That is at present place of cutting), should be around 40 cu. yd. Car data is important - give the length it is cut, and the percentage roughly of birch (white and yellow), under each number. List cars in one sheet of plain paper, one copy to me and 2 to Hqrs. Do not worry too much about the source of the wood as I have a good check on the amounts coming from each place; we can work out a scale for the license quantities later.

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