Thurso and Nation Valley Railway

TNVR Diary 1932 - 1935

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April 7, 1932 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Lay off gang at Headquarters until further advised - come to office on Monday.

April 11, 1932 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur


 Six days prior to loading, Sam Smith to report on condition of Main and Spur lines, then go up spur with Joe Blais and Hector Blais, Joe Degagne, Frank Aubin and Albert Degagne. Go over grade at 8 specially and all of track so #3 can get over the worse places.
Load all ties and all posts on Spur Line. Leave on cars until further notice.
For loading locomotive #3. In charge and Conductor - Damien Lafleur. Locomotive Engineer - P. Smith, Fireman - A. Degagne. Loader - P. Danis. Tongsmen - Joe Blais, R. Boucher, R.C. McDonald, Hector Blais, Osias Richer.
After ties and posts are loaded start lifting of Spur at north end of wye.

Organization Locomotive #3. One gang of two or more men to start behind train and remove all but two bolts, keeping pace with track lifting.
One gang of two or more men to move behind the train and lift alternate spikes from every tie that is inside and out and all spikes from every third or fourth tie.
One gang of two or more men in front of train to remove bolts as last car goes over joint.
One gang of three or more men in front of train to get spikes out without delay after car has passed over joint.
Spikes and bolts will be loaded separately on special car. Angle bars and fish plates will be loaded separately on same special car.

1 car of rails equals about 1/4 mile of track.
Classify material as good or cull. Pile switch stands, frogs and tie rods separately but keep each switch intact.
Rail will be sorted at Dump and unloaded as good or culled on separate dumps.
All rail curved with bender will be laid out separately. All cull material will be piled separately for sale as scrap later.

Piece rates - (in pencil)
Loading and peeling ties 1 1/4 cents each
Unloading and piling at Main Line track 9/10 of 1 cent each
Unloading only at Main Line track 1/4 cent each
Loading posts & peeling 3/4

 Wages - (in pencil)

Engineer 18.00
Fireman 15.00
Watchman 16.00
Ordinary Labour 1.25 to 1.50

 April 23, 1932 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

Where we lift Spur please arrange to load for delivery to Thurso

    1950 feet of 56# rail
    Fish plates, spikes, bolts
    1 complete turnout
This is to lay in new lumber yard. The rail alone will weigh 18 tons.
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December 1, 1933 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Will you kindly take a trip up say as far as mile 5 once a week for a while, at times to be chosen by yourself, to see if you can catch any people travelling the track with horses. These will be reported here where further action will be taken.

 December 1, 1933 From P.B. Bourget to Lambert Cavan

 It has been reported to us by one of your neighbours that you have been using our tracks for hauling purposes with a team. While we have partially tolerated this practice in the past we find that it causes considerable harm to our ties and roadbed and it is strictly forbidden to do any hauling on the track this year. We have given orders to our employees and patrol to report offenders who will be promptly brought up before the Magistrate at St. André Avelin, for trespass. The writer, personally would not like to see you in this fix and would ask you to kindly respect our wishes in this matter.

April 24, 1934 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 When cordwood is finished today or tomorrow you can start Touchette with as many men as we have tools, in putting in ties on the 9 cent piece rate. If the ties are too scattered for them to make a day's wages at that rate and providing they would rather wait, we shall delay the tie replacements until such time as we can deliver more ties where needed. I would be glad to have a report from you some time tomorrow on the condition of Lanthier's swamp. Once we get through there and after the water has completely left the rails and we know it is safe to cross then we would have no difficulty in going up to Headquarters. Put in new switch ties using flatted Cedar from the yard, on the south leg of the wye, that is, on the wye switch nearest the office in Thurso Yard. See that they are the proper length.

 April 25, 1934 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 Kindly advise what arrangements are made for counting the ties placed in the track by the various gangs. Who does the counting and what method is used in counting?

 April 28, 1934 From P.B. Bourget to Damien Lafleur

 I would suggest that you either drop in and see me once a day when here or telephone from the Power House.
When you make first trip to Headquarters bring a boxcar for the stuff they want to send down.

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