Poles, Rails and Track Components

Location Details Notes
Ardendale, ON
Piles of ties from abandoned CP Glen Tay to Tweed line. In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Gatineau, QC
Rail materials stacked in former CP Hull West Yard
GPS  45.428283, -75.731147
Photos by Malcolm Vant August 2015
Gatineau, Hull
GPS 45.440234, -75.735033
At the corner of Boulevard Montclair and Rue Berri protruding through the middle of the street at the intersection is a clear stretch of Hull Electric Railway track. J.R. Thomas Grumley July 2015
Hungerford, ON
1 miles east of village
Two CP whistle boards and three flanger signs on posts in fence In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Lyndhurst, ON If you walk south from the station, the right of way goes into a shallow rock cut.  The ties were simply laid on the rock and weren't ballasted at all.  The last time I walked this (some time ago), the ties were still in place.  Bob Moore
Morehead, QC
GPS  45.667317, -76.538361
Stack of old railway ties, from the dismantled CPR, (PPJ) Waltham sub.
Photo by Malcolm Vant August 2016
Morehead, QC
Between Lawn and Morehead
GPS   45.687694, -76.550256
Stack of old telegraph poles from the dismantled CPR, (PPJ) Waltham sub.
Photo by Malcolm Vant, August 2016
Ottawa, ON
Fleet Street by waterworks
Rail crossing in asphalt  In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Ottawa, ON
Holland Street at Scott
Rails into Beech Foundry under asphalt in gas station parking lot In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify. 
Ottawa, ON
Lebreton Flats, Booth Street under Ottawa River Parkway
Diamond crossing under road surface, two streetcar tracks and one railway In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Ottawa, ON
Hurdman near Alta Vista Post Office
Hurdman diamond was left in situ after the passage of the last train and construction of embankment for new line from Ottawa station westwards.
Ottawa, ON
Rockcliffe Parkway/1 Sussex Drive/Princess Avenue
GPS  45.445928, -75.689150
Rails have been set (2007) into the traffic circle as a reminder of  the streetcars that ran to Rockcliffe.  One stretch of rail has been laid in line on the north-east side between the Parkway and Princess on the site of the OER Rockcliffe car barns.

Colin Churcher photo August 2015
Ottawa, ON
Byron between Island Park and Kirkwood.

From Cameron Fraser

Not in the neighborhood, and not in their original place, but there are a couple of small apartment buildings on the south side of Byron between Island Park and Kirkwood whose parking spots have a length of rail used as edging to separate them from a small lawn. I assume they were salvaged when the tracks were torn up along Byron.
Streetcar Overhead Wire Support Poles
Ottawa, ON
Bank south of Chamberlain
GPS 45.408233, -75.691345
Bank at Chamberlain  
Ottawa, ON
Somerset Street between Lorne and Booth
785 Somerset
GPS  45.409799, -75.710166

Somerset Street
Ottawa, ON
200 Elgin Street
This is actually a piece of standard railway rail set inside steel tubing
GPS 45.419362, -75.691713

Street View
Ottawa, ON
Bronson near Kippawa/Third
GPS  45.3989254,-75.6984613

Street View
Ottawa, ON
373 Bronson
East side at Christie
GPS  45.4097323,-75.704803

Street View
Ottawa, ON
38 Monk at Holmwood
GPS  45.399455,-75.687316

Street View
Old Rails Used as Supports for Guy Wires etc

Streetcar rail with a groove to provide a flangeway

Regular rail
Ottawa, ON
9 Craig Street
GPS  45.398944,-75.692675

9 Craig

This is standard rail
Ottawa, ON
Slater at Bronson, 140 Bronson 
GPS  45.415659,-75.708103
Street View
Ottawa, ON
Bronson at Laurier West (ne corner)
Nanny Goat Hill
GPS 45.415046, -75.707603
85 lbs/yard rail rolled by Dominion Iron and Steel (Sydney NS) in 1901
Photos by Colin Churcher 23 August 2015
Ottawa, ON
7 Sidney Street
GPS  45.397972, -75.709132
Pole in the parking lot at Sidney that became the new streetcar turning loop in early 50's. Colin Churcher photo 3 November 2015
Ottawa, ON
17 Craig at Ella
GPS  45.398902,-75.692649
Ottawa, ON
Bank Street and Riverside, NW corner. Rail used to support guy wire to hydro pole
GPS  45.388727, -75.677658

Street View May 2015
Ottawa, ON
Upper Lorne Avenue at Somerset
North west corner
Standard rail 
45.409993, -75.710014

19 March 2017
Ottawa, ON
Echo Drive, south to Mason Terrace
Grooved streetcar rail used as supports for cables. At the following locations along Echo Drive.(west side)
45.40816, -75.68092  north of Hazel
45.40837, -75.68094  north of Hazel
45.40789, -75.68102  north of Hazel
45.40723, -75.68122  between Herridge and Hazel
45.40696, -75.68091  between Herridge and Hazel
45.40641, -75.68083  at Herridge (?1922?)
45.40425, -75.67987  south of Clegg
45.40249, -75.67904  at Bower
45.40224, -75.67896  between Bower and Mason Terrace
45.40182, -75.67862  at Mason Terrace (?1922?)

Street View May 2015
Highland Lawn Bowling Club
Corner of  439 Golden and Byron
8 rails used to hold up lights
GPS  45.388953,-75.757956
Street View May 2014
80 Rideau Terrace
GPS 45.443737,-75.677524

Street ViewMay 2015

Updated 20 March 2017

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