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Weight of Rail for Railways in the Ottawa Area
Finding No. 36 Weight of Rail for Lines in the Ottawa Area

From Chris Hall July 2017
Canadian National
Alexandria Sub:
Circa 1945-1950 100lb rail relaid- this still exists on the South Freight Shed Lead.
Circa 1965 115lb rail relaid east of Hawthorne
Early 2000's rail is thermite welded.

L'Orignal Sub:
Original rail was likely 80lb and was never relaid, especially since the lines future was in question as early as 1931.

Hammond sub: (Limoges to Rockland): possibly 60lb rail?

Renfrew Sub:
Original 1890's rail was 80lbs and was rolled with OA&PS on the rails. The north team track at Merivale Road had several of these rails in place, and the date was 1893. At some point the rails made their way onto a former CNoR subdivision!
Circa 1925 85lb rail was relaid, and this seems to be present on the Renfrew Subdivision today to Arnprior.

Smiths Falls and Beachburg Subs:
80lb rail appears to have been used. Some 1912 rail is still present on the 3rd siding at Federal along the Beachburg Sub. 80lb rail was found in the area of the roundhouse at Federal when the ground was dug up.
Circa 1938 the Smiths Falls sub has 85lb rail relaid.
Circa 1950 the Beachburg Sub has 100lb rail relaid from Federal to Hurdman
Circa 1957 The Beachburg Sub has 100lb rail relaid west of Federal, but perhaps rail was relaid before that time.
Circa 1975 the Beachburg Sub has 115lb jointed rail relaid from Wass to Nepean Jct.
1970's and 80's see 115lb CWR laid on Beachburg Sub curves.
1984 Smiths Falls sub is relaid with 115lb rail from Federal to Smiths Falls East

New York Central

New York Track Condition

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