Ottawa Railway History Circle

Posting Guidelines

1. Emailing Large Files

Members of the Circle often come across photos or other files that are worth sharing with the whole group.  Under most circumstances this is fine, however, some members have restricted email access through a slow-speed Internet connection or limits on the size of their email inbox.  For this reason you should not send files of over 200K to the entire group.  If you are not sure whether your file is more than 200K send an e-mail to the group advising that you have a file to share and send it only to those who request it.  Some members have access to image editing software and can shrink a large image file into something that can be re-distributed to the entire group.

In a similar manner, when forwarding messages to the group, make sure that not large files remain attached to the original message.

There are some alternatives:

1.1 It is possible to post pictures on the web at a number of free sites. One popular site is Flickr which can be found at .   Membership is free and 100 Megabytes of photos can be uploaded each month and the system automatically resizes the images.  You can then just send out the URL of your pictures and allow members to decide whether they wish view them or not.  In a similar manner, video clips can be posted to Youtube at

1.2 Another alternative, if you have a web site, is to post it and give members the URL.  This also works for files other than photos.  If you do not have a web site send out a message explaining the problem and one of the members who do may be prepared to post the file on their own site.

2. Replying to Posts

Here are a couple of items to bear in mind when replying to messages sent out to the group.

2.1  Does the reply really need to go to the entire group or would it be preferable merely to send the message to the originator?

2.2 When replying to the group if you hit "Reply All" delete, the address of the sender.  If you not do this, the originator of the message will receive two identical messages which can be a problem if the message is large and the member has restricted email access (see above).  Before sending the message please ensure that it is going only to the group and not the originator as well.

2.3 Do not divulge the email address of the group to anyone else because we do not want spam or unwanted posts. If you have a message to send to the group as well as others either send separate messages or place the group email address as a bcc.

3. Forwarding Posts

Before forwarding a post from the group to another, as a courtesy, you should obtain the permission of the originator of the post

This Page Updated February, 2008