New York Central Water Facilities

These notes have been prepared by Colin Churcher with input from Chris Granger and members of the Ottawa Railway History Circle
Ottawa Mann AvenueNo information
LAC PA 203699 Colin Churcher collection

Colin Churcher collection
Chesterville Record 23 September 1915
The water tank at Russell station went all to pieces without warning when it was nearly full causing a miniature flood.
NYC 4-6-0 2119.  The water tank south of Finch.
LAC PA 205646. Colin Churcher collection
Cornwall Freeholder 29 July 1898
At Finch, the O.& N.Y. crosses the Canadian Pacific Railway, a joint agent, Mr. Cease, looking after the interests of both companies. Here is installed a fine interlocking switch plant; a large tank holding 50,000 gallons and drawing its supply from the Payne River by means of an automatic gasoline engine of three horsepower. This tank and a similar one at Russell are under the charge of J.R. Simpson.
Steel tank PA 30671 7 May 1929

Anthony Clegg photo taken on 20 April 1947

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