Stations in Ontario

Alexandria, ON
North side og McDougald Street East
GPS  45.317956, -74.639839

CN (GT) station, built 1917.  Still in use by VIA
Alfred, ONCP Alfred station, Relocated to property at Part Lot 28, Concession 1, used as private residence No details
Ashton, ON
Behind house at 2071 Ashton Station Road at Junction with Blacks Corners Road, east side. GPS 44.643872, -75.966786
CP Ashton stationNeed picture
Athens, ON
Plum Hollow Road (County Road 5) at intersection with Lake Eloida Road and Hard Island Road .
GPS  44.6464584,-75.9763449
CN Athens station moved from original site and used as residence. 
Bob Moore photo.
Athens, ON
On Temperance Lake south of Athens.
CP Prescott station, used as summer cottage.Need picture
Aultsville, ON  see Upper Canada Village
Barrys Bay, ON
Opeongo Street, Highway 60
GPS  45.487955, -77.676347
CN (OA&PS) station in situ used as a cultural centre / art gallery / very small museum of local railway history / visitors' information centre
Photo by Jeff Hill 25 July 2015
Barryvale, ON
Highway 511 south of Calabogie, east side of highway
CP Barryvale station, unusedNeed details of location.  May be gone.
Bathurst, ON, see Wemyss
Bellamy, ON
NE of highway 29, 8720 County Road 28. 1.5 km north of crossing on west side.
Approx. 1.2 km east of original site.  
GPS  44.6940386,-75.8235937
Former CP Bellamy station used as a dwelling.

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 19 June 2012.
Blakeney, ON
North of Almonte right off hwy 15 on Blakeney Road on a farm near Blakeney
CP former Snedden station, standard portable.In 1998 Railway station guide.
Bourget, ON
139 Rue Levis
GPS 45.440011, -75.168813
CP Bourget station in situ, now a private home
Photo Malcolm Vant August 2009
Brockville, ON
68 William Street
GPS  44.593909, -75.689681
Brockville VIA (CN/GT) station in use by VIA and restored in 2015.
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 9 August 2015
Caintown, ON
Near Mallorytown
CP Fairfield flag station moved originally to Athens then Caintown Need to verify
Carleton Place, ON
Coleman Street at Beckwith (Highway 15)
GPS  45.135913, -76.134735
Former CP Carleton Place Station, built 1921-22. No longer used as a daycare but more recently occupied by the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce. The chamber of commerce moved out as of early 2015, and the building is now home to the Ginger Café and Hamsa Yoga Studio. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes September 2013
Casselman, ON
Still in railway use
Photo by Gerry Gaugl 24 May 2020
Castleford, ON
2.4 km west of crossing
CP  Castleford station, In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Chesterville, ON
On property in Nation River valley at
13170 Nation Valley Rd.
GPS   45.083155,-75.243267
Rebuilt as a garage, appearance altered
Street View September 2013
Clarendon, ON
8 km north off hwy 7 on hwy 509, east on Clarendon Road about 150 meters, on right side behind white house.
GPS 44.873454, -76.696764
CP station in situ.

2013 Photo by Malcolm Vant

Cornwall, ON
North end of station road
GPS 45.042103, -74.743542
Opened by CN in 1958, currently operated by VIA with CN maintenance workers using the east portion.Need picture
Cumberland, ON
Cumberland Heritage Village Museum
GPS  45.517719, -75.391217

Former CN Vars Station, built by the GTR 1908-1909. Relocated to the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum in 1976. 

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 12 April 2006.
Cumberland, ON
GPS 45.5179638,-75.4145434

Former CN (CNoR) Cumberland Station, built by the Canadian Northern Ontario Railway in 1909. Relocated a short distance west of its original location to 2460 Hillmar Street.and in use as a residence.

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 12 April 2006.
Dunrobin, ON
1210 Thomas A. Dolan Parkway
GPS  45.417937,-76.027388
CN Dunrobin station on the Kennedy farm  moved a short distance from original location. The owner told us there used to be Dunrobin signs on all sides of the building but the CN asked them to remove them as it was confusing to the engineers.  He thinks they are still around somewhere and may put them up again if he can find them. He and his brother have maintained the building. It has a new metal roof and has been painted relatively recently

Photo provided by Chris Gardner 3/2018
Deux Rivieres, ONCP Deux Rivieres station relocated to property within community off Hwy. 17 and used as a summer resort cabinNeed Picture
Eastons Corners, ON
Junction hwys 15 and 41
CP stations from Bell and Story are used as farm buildings, In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Eastons Corners, ONCP Yule station on a farm towards North AugustaIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Edwards, ONNYC Edwards station, moved to property on road between Navan and Sarsfield Need to verify
Eganville, ON
Highway 512 just west of Highway 41
GPS  45.528297, -77.113568
CN (GTR) station in situ, private residence
Jeff Hill photo 24 July 2015
Embrun, ON
989 Notre Dame Street
GPS 45.273015, -75.278870
NYC St Albert Station used as private dwelling
Photo by Les Goodwin
Embrun, ON
24 Bourassa Street
GPS  45.2738134,-75.2820634
NYC Russell station, private residence
Photo by Les Goodwin
Embrun, ON
Relocated to property at rue Notre Dame and rue Blais in Embrun
GPS  45.272032,-75.288106
NYC Berwick station, used as an information centre
Street View September 2013
Erinsville, ON
Highway 41 26.5 km north of highway 401
Former CN (BQR) station, Erinsville. No longer used by the municipal roads department but now in use as a community centre. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 22 October 2011.
Ernestown, ON
South on highway 133 from highway 401 towards Millhaven
GPS  44.217195, -76.754917
CN  Ernestown Station, built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856. Its current ownership is unclear but it remains vacant and unused. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 27 June 2008.
Fairfield (East), ON
County. Rd. #5 at Temperance Lake Rd.
GPS  44.580595 -75.905416  
Note the official CP timetables showed "Fairfield" yet people in the area called it "Fairfield East".
Former CP Fairfield (East) station, relocated away from right-of-way and in use as a shed. Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 21 May 2013.
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 21 May 2013.
Forthton, ON
Former Brockville and Westport (later CNoR/CN) Forthton station. Built circa 1886, relocated a short distance from the former right-of-way and very deteriorated.
North west of Brockville at junction of hwys 29 and 42 on north west cormer behind barn buildings.  It is sitting beside the original roadbed, but turned perpendicular to it.
GPS 44.640544, -75.860272

Bob Moore photo (CSTM Mattingly) in original location

Photo Malcolm Vant  25 March 2017

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 9 August 2015

Photo Malcolm Vant 25 March 2017
Franktown, ON
West of highway 15 on Perth Road (County Road 10) east of CP crossing on north side.

Former CP Franktown Station, moved a short distance away from the former right-of-way and in use as a residence.

Photo by Andrew Jeanes July 2012
Gananoque, ON
GPS  44.3685,-76.153432
CN/VIA Gananoque Station, built by the GTR in 1901. Still in railway use.
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 21 April 2014
Gananoque, ON
At former crossing with highway 3 in Gananoque
CN (TIR) Flag stop, in situ
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 9 August 2015
Glenbrooke, ON
19299 Heron Road
GPS  45.1525218,-74.6244377
Former CP Glenbrook station, relocated away from the former CP Cornwall Sub. right-of-way and used as a residence. 

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 22 July, 2010.
Glen Elbe, ONCN (BWSSM) Glen Elbe station was moved from original site and may still be in existence.More information and picture needed.
Glen Tay, ONCP Glen Tay station name board  in Petro Canada gas stationIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Glen Tay, ON see Wemyss

Goshen, ON
Near original site between Renfrew and Glasgow
CN Goshen station on a farmNeed picture
Hungerford, ON
Off Sulphide Road at Hungerford, west of Kaladar.
CP station, in situ, private residenceNeed picture
Inkerman, ONSee Mountain
Kingston, ON
810 Montreal Street
GPS 44.253834, -76.484709   
CN Kingston "Outer Station", originally built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1855 and used for passenger service beginning October 27, 1856. 

The brick building was built in 1895 and held the station's main passenger waiting room and operator's office for many years thereafter. This station building complex closed for regular passenger use when the new CN station opened on October 27, 1974.Andrew Jeanes took this photo on December 21, 2014. CN removed the burned-out and collapsed roof from the stone station building in April 2011.

Andrew Jeanes photo 2014
Kingston, ON
167 Ontario Street
GPS 44.228207, -76.481536
The former CN "Inner" Station, also known as Hanley Station (for the original station agent). It was opened by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1885 and closed as a passenger station in 1930. 

Andrew Jeanes took this photo on June 10, 2007. The building has served many purposes over the years but has been home to Frankie Pesto's Italian Eatery since at least the early 2000s. 

Andrew Jeanes photo 2007
Kingston, ON
209 Ontario Street, across from City Hall
GPS 44.229235, -76.480259
The former CP Kingston Station, originally built by the Kingston and Pembroke Railway in 1884. It saw its last passenger train on June 16, 1957. Andrew Jeanes took this photo on November 24, 2011. 

This station has been well cared-for and serves as a tourist information centre and gift shop in Confederation Park, across from Kingston City Hall.

Andrew Jeanes photo 2011
Long Sault, ON
45.032899, -74.853495
Former CN (ex-GTR) Moulinette station, relocated to Lost Villages Museum in Long Sault. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 25 May 2014.
Lyn, ONCN station used as a dwelling, moved from original site, rumored to be down by the St. Lawrence..In 1998 Railway station guide
Madoc, ONCN (BQR) Madoc station in situ.In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Manotick, ON
6020 Mitch Owens Road
GPS  45.253235,-75.630877
CP Manotick station, used as a dwelling and moved from original site.
Photo Les Goodwin
Marlbank, ON
County road 32, south end of town
CN (BQR) station, in situ, used as dwelling

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 22 October 2011.
Marmora, ON
West end of town on north side of highway 7

Former Central Ontario Railway (later CNoR/CN) Marmora station. Relocated to a park in Marmora.  

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 6 July 2007.
Merrickville, ON
Near junction of County Roads 15 & 41 behind red brick house among bushes
CP Bells Crossing and Story flag stations used for storage.In 1998 Railway station guide
Mississippi, ONCP (K&P) station in situ, dismantled, moved to private property.
Morrisburg, ON
East off highway 31 just south of Highway 401 interchange
GPS  44.914184, -75.192676
CN Morrisburg station, built in 1957 and still in active railway use as a MOW base. Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 25 May 2014.
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 25 May 2014.
Moulinette, ON  see Long Sault
Mountain, ON
In Mountain, County road 1, east of Kemptville
CP Mountain station, private residenceIn 1998 Railway station guide
Mountain, ON
Near Mountain, at 2191 County Road 1
GPS  45.0334748,-75.4682792
CP Inkerman station, now a private residence.Need picture
Napanee, ON
GPS  44.253475, -76.954487
CN/VIA Napanee Station, built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856. Now owned by the town, with half the station occupied by a woodworking studio.  Also in railway use.
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 18 September, 2010.
Napanee, ON
Former CN (BQR) station, Napanee, relocated a short distance from the tracks and in use as a pub. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 18 September 2010.
Navan, ON
Township road betwen Sarsfield and Navan.
NYC Edwards station, private residenceIn 1998 Railway station guide
Newburgh, ONFormer Bay of Quinte Railway station, Newburgh. In use as a residence. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 20 April 2010.
Northfield, ON
GPS  45.047383, -75.089878
Former NYC Northfield station relocated to property on west side of road leading out from town, used as storage shed.
From Chris Granger 4/2020
As we passed through Northfield Station ... I noticed that the station building is not long for this world.  The middle of the shed has collapsed in on itself and the walls on the east and west sides are falling inwards. 

Lost Villages Historical Society 2020
Ottawa, ON
Britannia Park Trolley Station
GPS 45.363418, -75.800678

OER iron frame shelter, in situ, Britannia Park

Car 800 at Britannia on  12/14/1958
Bob Sandusky photo via Bruce Chapman

"Old streetcar station, Britannia, Ottawa" by Dmitri Lytov 
Ottawa, ON
Confederation Square.
GPS  45.424807, -75.694157
CN (GTR) Union station,  Being converted for use by the Senate, formerly government conference center.
Photo by David Jeanes 2012
Ottawa, ON
OER Concrete Shelters
Acacia Avenue
01 - GPS  45.456512,-75.6801665
Three on south side of George Etienne (Rockcliffe) Parkway
02 - GPS  45.454128,-75.687359
03 - GPS  45.455542,-75.6855
04 - GPS  45.456719,-75.683094
On south side of  cycle/pedestrian path
05 - GPS  45.446927, -75.688499

01 - Acacia Avenue
Colin Churcher 7 August 2015

02 - Rockcliffe Parkway
Colin Churcher 7 August 2015

03 - Rockcliffe Parkway
Colin Churcher 7 August 2015

04 - Rockcliffe Parkway
Colin Churcher 7 August 2015

05 - Rockcliffe Cycle/Pedestrian Path
Colin Churcher 7 August 2015
Ottawa, ON
OER shelter at Rockcliffe Parkway Overlook
GPS  45.453795,-75.688245

Colin  Churcher 7 August 2015
Ottawa, Gloucester, ONPart of CN Blackburn station moved to Maxime Street.In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Ottawa, Kanata, ON
On Constance Lake, north east of highway17
2380 Dunrobin Road
GPS  45.405748,-76.000501
CN Malwood flag station, part of summer houseNeed picture
Pakenham, ON
West off highway15 in Pakenham on to White Fish Lake Road, ˝ km west to Five Arches Drive at end of street on left hand side.

Former CP Pakenham Station, moved a short distance away from the former right-of-way and in use as a residence. 

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 15 September 2013.
Pendleton, ON
Moved to 26 Rue St. Pierre, Rigaud
CPR station from Montreal and Ottawa subdivision.
Prescott, ON
GPS  44.710798, -75.524798
CN/VIA Prescott Station, built by the Grand Trunk Railway in 1855. Now occupied by the Grenville County Historical Society. 
Colin Churcher Street View 2013 
Queenborough, ON
Concession road 13, southwest corner of village (north of Tweed on County Road 20.
CN (Bay of Quinte Railway) Queenborough station in situ, (spelled Queensboro by railway)
Rob Hupfield photo 8 Nov 2015
Rockland, ON
Central Counties/Canada Atlantic/Grand Trunk/Canadian National station much modified
844 St. Jean Street
GPS 45.545025, -75.291853
CAR station Rockland 30 December 1896 with locomotive 80.
LAC C54520

Photo by Fred Adams July 2017
Smiths Falls, ON
53, Victoria Avenue, Smiths Falls
GPS  44.905513, -76.017275
Former CP station in situ.
Station Theatre

Colin Churcher Street View June 2012
Smiths Falls, ON
90 William Street
GPS 44.901636, -76.028393
CN (CNoR) Smiths Falls station in situ,
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario

Photo by Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
Smiths Falls, ON
90 William Street
GPS 44.901636, -76.028393
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
CN Nolans flag station
Photo by Bill Seabrooke
Snow Road, ONCP (K&P) Snow Road station, dismantled, moved to property on Millar Lake.  Building partially resembles original
Stardale, ONCP Stardale station Relocated to property in Caledonia Twp (Part Lot 14, Concession 6)No details
Stoco, ON
On county road13 3 km south of Tweed on north side and west of Stoco
CN (BQR) station, in situ and used as a dwelling.

 Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 18 March 2012.
Tamworth, ON
Southwest corner of village.
Former CN (BQR) station, Tamworth, in situ. In use as a residence. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 20 April 2010.
Upper Canada Village, Crysler Park
GPS  44.940387, -75.094757
Former CN (ex-GTR) Aultsville station, relocated to Crysler Park, Upper Canada Village. 
Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 25 May 2014.
Wemyss, ON
Across Highway 7 from the OMYA calcium carbonate plant in Glen Tay, about 6 km west of Perth.  
Former CP Bathurst station now a residence.

This was moved about seven kilometres *east* to Glen Tay. Bathurst remained a station name on CP employee timetables at least into the 1960s, however the local post office changed its name to Wemyss much earlier than that, supposedly to avoid confusion with Bathurst, NB. There was never a CP station named Wemyss. The two station buildings 3.7 miles apart (railway distance) managed to each be relocated to the other's approximate former location.

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 28 May 2012.
Wemyss, ON
Just south of Highway 7 and the former Havelock Sub right-of-way, west of the Bathurst 5th Concession Road.
Former CP Glen Tay station, relocated to Wemyss and used as a residence.

There is confusion about the surviving stations around Glen Tay. There are two: Glen Tay itself, which has been moved about seven kilometres *west* to Wemyss and Bathurst (see above) There never was a CP station that had the name Wemyss. 

Photo by Andrew Jeanes, 20 May 2012
Wilbur, ONCP (K&P) station moved  to unknown location
Winchester, ONCP Winchester station, used as a dwelling and moved from original site.In 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.
Yonges Mills, ONCN (GTR) design flag station moved to a farmIn 1987 Guide.  Need to verify.

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