June 1963

In which I continue my third year at Reading University.  Not much diary as I study hard for the final exams. 

Wednesday 12 June

Again no diary for a month.  I have been working very hard. It is all over now except the results.  I just want to sleep.  My 21st birthday passed very quietly - I was wrking all day. I have been offered a job as a Management trainee with British Railways. Big celebration this eveing as the last exam (Law) was this morning.  After the exam, I felt like a bottle of champagne with the cork taken out.  I was at a complete loss to know what to do as I had no studying to do.  I walked into town and just wandered around the stores.

Monday 24 June

I had my oral examination this morning.  It was pretty stiff and I came out shaking all over.  I went down with Pat this afternoon to have a look at the Record Office (Dora is working there for a few days).  They have some interesting records from the Wantage Tramway.  I went up to Whiteknights for the results.  Everyone was very tense so Brian and I went up for tea.  The results came out just afterwards.  I got an Upper Second which is very good. I am very pleased.

This cartoon appeared about the time I graduated.  Very appropriate!

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