Railfan Attacks Duck
On Sunday October 2nd, a duck was attacked by a Spanish speaking Bytown Railway Society member brandishing a slice of bread.  The attack took place on the Thurso Railway's siding close to the Iroquois River.  The duck, peacefully swimming on the river, was hit from behind by a slice of bread hurled from the back platform of car 27. Only the duck's pride was hurt.

When asked about the feat, Mr. Toscas said:

"That's nothing.  Why back at home, I've seen wild bulls stabbed with a baguette."

The society is now arranging self defence lessons.  The first one will be "How to protect yourself from a railfan armed with a butter tart".

(Eat the butter tart, thus disarming him)

These lessons take place at Thurso on Saturdays.  Come down and have fun with us.

Bytown Railway Society, Branchline, November 1983.

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