From the Pit

On the steam trips to Wakefield I nake a practice of standing in the turntable pit while engine 1201 is being balanced to assure myself that the loconotive is properly balanced. It's surprising what you see.

One small Japanese tourist with a large camera conplete with expensive flash attachment anxious to obtain human interest shots of the train crew.


Interesting close up shot of conductor's chin.


Interesting close up shot of conductor's uniform button.

Now for the piece de resistance - interesting close up shot of brakeman giving handsignals to the engineer from under brakenan's armpit.

In giving the washout signal the brakeman's gloved hand comes down smartly and with a tinkle the remains of the expensive flash attachment fall past my face and into the pit.

Not a word is spoken as the engine is turned but at least I can do my work without being harrassed by a camera wielding tourist.

Bytown Railway Society, Branchine, August 1980.

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