Comments on the Operation of 1057


I was interested and gratified to read your comments In the last edition of "Branch Line under the title "A Dream Come True".  At times the "dream" looked as if it was about to turn into a "nightmare", but we managed to get in eight trips with 1057 before being struck out by the non operating unions.  I would like to add a few comments to your notes.

I would like to extend my thanks to Duncan du Fresne who spent many long hours on 1057 both In the museum siding and on the road.  1057 was in very good hands and must have been looked after better during her stay in Ottawa than at any time in her 61 year life.

Although it was the NCC that found the money for the steam trip this summer, the operation was a joint one with the Museum of Science and Technology. The Museum performed much valuable work to keep 1057 operating from coaling to making repairs. My thanks here go to John Corby who seemed to enjoy the problems of keeping a vintage locomotive in operating order.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the many members of the Bytown Railway Society who acted as train marshalls as well as a loco servicing crew. Perhaps the high point of BRS activities could be the hastily organized bucket brigade which put coal into the tender when no crane was available. This was accomplished under the incredulous gaze of the CPR head end crew, one of whom was scratching his head as if to say:

"Did we do it like that in the old days?”

Finally perhaps I could thank the unknown BRS member, I think it was Mike Iveson, who averted a near disaster on the first day of operation.  1057 had been checked over, the paper and wood were in the firebox, the rag had been soaked in varsol ready to light the fire but:

"Anybody got a match?" Once again Bytown came to the rescue and a successful operation was assured.

With best wishes,

Yours truly

Colin J. Churcher

Bytown Railway Society, Branchline, September 1973.

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