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6 September 1981 - CPR Train 482 Derails 14 Cars in the Centre of Arnprior

From Andrew Jeanes 15 January 2014

The attached photos show a CP wreck that took place in Arnprior on Sunday, September 6, 1981. The Ottawa Citizen identified the train as No. 482, headed to Montreal from western Canada with 115 cars. Fourteen of those cars derailed opposite the Kenwood Mills plant, right in the middle of town. The wreck was being blamed on an overheated bearing, according to a CP spokesman cited by the Citizen. The derailed cars carried sides of beef, soft drinks, frozen fruit and vegetables, steel, coal and other general merchandise.

Ottawa Citizen  Tuesday, September 8, 1981
Train Jumps Track
(This is the Valley Edition front page, note that the story also appeared on the front page of the Capital Edition and the Final Edition. Remember when newspapers published multiple daily editions?)

The aerial photo comes via Bruce Chapman, but was found by Brian Hanington, who is working on a book on the history of Arnprior. The ground-level photo comes via the Arnprior 150th anniversary page on Facebook and was uploaded on May 31, 2012 by Anthony Fletcher, credited to his father Grant.

The two photos appear to have been taken at close to the same time, based on the location and position of the crane, which Anthony Fletcher says is the Montreal Auxiliary but Bruce says is the Smiths Falls auxiliary. Either way, it's at the east end of the wreck, with the Sudbury auxiliary likely out of view at the west end.

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