Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1977, February 4 - 40 cars derailed while passing through Dalhousie Mills Quebec, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.
One car hit the Commercial Hotel.
There were no injuries.

Ottawa Journal Saturday 5 January 1977

25 miles from Cornwall:
Sulphuric acid spilled in 44-car derailment
Canadian Pacific Railways have begun mopping up large amounts of sulphuric acid and another chemical which spilled during a 44-carr derailment on the Ontario-Quebec border at Dalhousie Mills, Quebec, 23 miles northeast of Cornwall.
Lancaster OPP said the chemicals represented no danger, as CP officials have been able to walk around the wreckage without  taking special precautions. Truckloads of sand are being dumped to absorb the chemicals. There were no Injuries, although three men drinking drinking in a hotel 25 feet from the railway track were surprised by a railway car which suddenly crashed into the hotel wall. Pollce said the derailment occurred at 8 p.m. Friday when an axle broke axle broke on a flat car carrying carrying logs.

Ottawa Journal Monday 7 February 1977

Acid poisoning fears still real
CORNWALL (Special) Although Dalhousle Mills, Que., 25 miles east of here, has not been evacuated there are still fears inthis community of 400 that the water supply may be contaminated by acid from a 40-car derailment Friday.
Two of the derailed cars carried sulphuric acid and more than 50,000 gallons spilled on the street Friday night and all day Saturday.
Experts from Canadian Industries Ltd., In Cornwall were called to the scene and spread caustic soda and sand to soak up the acid. The acid is being trucked away in special tanker trucks. Police alsoblocked off all roads leading to the area.
Most of the damage caused by the acid so far has been confined to a hotel close to the tracks. When the train derailed one of the cars slammmed into a wall of the hotel.
As a result the frame of the hotel has been severely damaged and the balance of the building has been badly weakened .Some persons were in the hotel at the time but no one was injured.
A C P spokesman said Sunday the westbound track has been cleared and eastbotmd traffic will be accommodated by rereouting it on the westbound track through the Dalhousie station.
Passenger traffic has not been affected because no passenger trains use the line.
Work crews are continuing their efforts today to clean up wreckage caused by the derailment.
A nearby county road on the Ontario side of the border running from Highway 401 to Glen Robertson has been closed as a result of the spillage and Lancaster OPP expect It will take a number of days before it is reopened to traffic.
No damage figures are available. It Is believed a broken axle on a flat car was the cause of the derailment. This is the third derailment In the Cornwall area since November and all the derailment has been blamed on broken axles. In November last year 14 cars of a 21-car freight ran off the track at Monkland, about 10 miles north of here. Last month another freight ran off the track at Finch about 20 miles northwest of here.
There were no injuries in those derailments either.

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