Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1976, July 4 - CP Train 904 derailed 30 cars 4 miles east of Perth on the Belleville Subdivision.

 ( Upper Canada Railway Society's 'Newsletters'. November-December 1976, page 6)
From the Ottawa Citizen 5 July 1976

Perth.  Canadian Pacific Railroad crews are working today cleaning up the aftermath of a train derailment along the main line four miles east of here.
Thirty cars of a 94-car freight train bound for Montreal from Toronto went off the tracks about 11.30 p.m. Sunday.  The freight cars were piled two and three high in places.
CP Rail officials said that there were no dangerous commodities being carried by any of the derailed cars.  Most of the cars contained wood and building materials.
There have been no estimates made of the damages caused to the rail line and the cause of the mishap has not yet been determined.
Five hundred feet of track were torn up in the derailment.  CP Rail spokesman Herb Brookes said that they hoped to complete repairs by midnight tonight.
Meanwhile all freight deliveries between Toronto and Montreal have been postponed.
Railway officials said there were no injuries in the mishap.

Ottawa Journal  Monday 5 July 1976

30 rail cars jump track near Perth
PERTH (Special) No one was injured when 30 cars of a 94-car CP freight train were derailed near here about midnight
Perth OPP said a "hot box" in one of the cars caused the derailment. A hot box occurs when the gears overheat and jam causing the wheels to seize.
Damage to the rail line is extensive, police said. The line will be closed for at least 24 hours until heavy equipment equipment can clear the debris.

Ottawa Journal  Tuesday 6 July 1976

Monday Rail line clean up goes on
PERTH Freight train operations on the westward section of the CP Rail line resumed at 8 a.m. today as crews continued to clean up the aftermath of a major train derailment late Sunday, a CP spokesman said.
Thirty cars of a 94-car freight train were derailed near here and about 1,000 feet of track was torn up in the accident which was apparently caused by a broken axle in one of the cars, the spokesman said.
He said 14 of the derailed cars had been righted. He did not know when the eastbound line would be back in operation. "It will be several days before everything is back to normal."
In the meantime, he said, freight cars will be re-routed over CN tracks via Brockville to Brighton in both directions.
No one was injured in the accident and damage could reach $1 million.
The affected line lies on the Toronto-Montreal run.

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