Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1944, December 21 - Rear end collision on the bridge at Casselman

The Ottawa Citizen December 22 1944.

No one hurt in C.N.R. collision near Casselman.
The caboose and two cars of a C.N.R. freight train were destroyed by fire about 2.18 p.m. yesterday after a second freight train had crashed into them.  The accident occurred on a bridge located about a quarter of a mile west of Casselman, Ont.  No one was injured in the collision.  Casselman is located about 31 miles southwest of Ottawa.  Traffic on the main C.N.R. line was disrupted due to the accident.
According to witnesses, the one freight train had stopped near the bridge.  The second freight plowed into the rear three cars of it, badly wrecking them and setting them on fire.  the engine of the second freight was said to be slightly damaged.  Both trains were east bound.
None derailed.
None of the cars on either train was derailed.  C.N.R. officials last night could give no immediate cause for the accident.  They stated an immediate investigation would be made. Late last night men were still working to clear the main line.  It was stated normal traffic would be resumed about midnight.
The locomotive involved was No. 6218.

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