Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1940, October 27 - Freight trains collide in Broad Street Yard, CPR.

Ottawa Citizen 28 October 1940

Freights Collide In Broad St. Yard
An empty coal car was derailed and a caboose damaged in a collision early Sunday morning in the C.P.R. Broad street yards near Bayview road between two freight trains arriving in the city, one from Prescott and the other from Lachute subdivision. No one was injured and train services were not delayed as the crash occurred clear of the through line.
Crews of both trains are Ottawa men. Engineer Ernest Pumple of 114 Percy street and Conductor Alex. Shepherd, 823 Somerset street, were in charge of the train from Prescott; Engineer Edwin Ashfield of 132 Cambridge street and Conductor Albert Charbonneau, 677 Wellington street, in charge of the other. The Lachute train, after crossing the Ottawa river to the city, turned west on a "Y" in order to back into the yards and was backing up when the Prescott train, which approached around a curve from the south, crashed into the rear of it. Fortunately both trains wer travelling slowly at the time.
William Garland. assistant superintendent of the CPR., issued the following statement:
"A freight train from Prescott, in charge of Engineer E. Pumple and Conductor A. Shepherd, was pulling into the yard at 6.30 Standard Time, when a collision occurred with another freight train frcm the Lachute subdivision, in charge of Engineer E. Ashfield and Conductor A. Charbonneau. The van on the Lachute train was damaged, and an empty coal truck was derailed. Both trains were travelling slowly at the time."

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