Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938, September 23 - Crossing collision, Renfrew, CNR., Renfrew sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 24 September 1938

Dies After Car Hits Train Coach
RENFREW. Sept. 23. Joseph Lacailla of Maniwaki. Que., died in Victoria hospital here Friday afternoon, the result of an accident this morning when the automobile he was driving, crashed into the rear steps of the last coach on the eastbound Canadian National local.
When the accident occurred at the crossing on Highway 17, nine miles east of Renfrew and two miles west of Glasgow, the Lacaille car was also travelling east but the highway and railroad meet at an angle of about 50 degrees there. There were no signs of skid marks on the highway to indicate the brakes had been applied and it is thought that Lacailie fell asleep at the wheel. The auto is a total wreck.
Dr. Box of Arnprior arrived on the scene shortly after the accident and, the victim was rushed to the hospital here where he passed away about 2.30 this afternoon. The accident was investigated by Provincial Constable L. T. Keeler and Traffic Officer George E. Buck, both of Renfrew.
A Jury was empanelled by Chief of Police Moses Greer at the direction of Coroner Dr. C. W. McCormack of Renfrew and the body wa viewed tonight in the Quinn Funeral Home. The date for the inquest has not been set yet.
The jury includes H. A. Smart, H. D. Ferguson, J. Wadsworth, J. H. Letang. H. B. Elliott, M. J. Dolan and Wm. Stewart.

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Ottawa Citizen 29 September 1938

Exonerate Train Crew In Taxi Driver's Death
RENFREW. Sept. 28 At an in quest in the Temperance Hall here afternoon into the death of Joseph Lacaille. Maniwaki. Que.. taxi driver, who died in hospital j Friday afternoon, the result of a collision between his automobile and the train, a coroner's jusy sitting unxder Coroner Dr C.W. McCormark found that his death was accidental and completely exonerated railway employes of any blame.
The verdict read as follows: "from injuries received we find thatt Joseph Lacaille died in Renfrew Victoria Hospital on September 23 from injuries received when the car he was driving on provincial highway 17, township of McNabb. collided with Canadian National Railways train No. 686. Death was accidental. We attach no blame to employes of the Canadian National Railways."
Five witnesses were heard. They included: L. Lindsay, farmer. Glasgow Station: Dr. J. H. Box. Arnprior: Dr. G. B. Burwell. Renfrew; E. Calcutt, engineer, Ottawa, and John M. Drummey, conductor, Ottawa. The jurors included: H. D. Ferguson, foreman: Wm. Stewart, J. H. Letang, J. Wadsworth,M. J. Dolar. H. B.Elliott and H. A. Smart,

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