Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932, July 5 - Hoboes saved by dirty look, Morrisburg, CNR., Kingston sub.

Ottawa Journal 7 July 1932

Hoboes Saved 'By "Dirty Look"
MORRISBURG. July 6 - Nine hoboes boarded a freight train in Western Ontario the first of the week, choosing a tank car to ride on. Nearing Brockville, they suspected the conductor of having an evil eye on them and at Brockville transferred to several cars rearwards. At 4.30 Tuesday afternoon, the tank car they had left was the centre of the largest freight train wreck in the district, ending up on top of a cattle car, killing 18 bovine and demolishing the car. The conductor probably had no idea that the dirty looks in the hoboes' direction saved their lives.

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Updated 7 February 2021