Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1929, May 9 - Accident with speeder, Morrisburg, CNR., Kingston sub., one injury

Morrisburg Leader 10 May 1929.

Mr. Robt. McKeegan, assistant signal operator on the local section, C.N.R., narrowly escaped death on Thursday of this week. Mr. McKeegan, accompanoed by Mr. E. Davis, (in charge), were covering this section on a "speeder", and just as they approached a man and his dog, standing at a point below the churches, the dog attempted to cross the track, and was struck, derailing the speeder and throwing the occupants. Mr. Davis escaped injury, but Mr. McKeegan was severely cut and bruised. In an attempt to cross the track after the accident, Mr. McKeegan collapsed from the effects of his wounds, and as the west bound fast train was by this time approaching, he had to be carried to safety by the other two men. It is reported that Mr. McKeegan will probably be confned to his room for several weeks.

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