Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1916, May 8 -  Passenger train derailed at Perth, CPR Belleville sub.

Ottawa Journal  Monday 8 May 1916

Five Ottawa Men Were In Train Derailed Near Perth
Details of the derailment on the C.P.R. near Perth last night show that among those in the train were James Simpson, former controller; Rev. Ben Spence. D.H. Reynolds of the immigration department, Ottawa; W.D. Matthews, Ottawa; Captain Hutt, 97th Battallion, whose left arm was hurt; T.D. Higginson, Ottawa; ex-Ald. Lavoie, Ottawa, whose head was badly cut,and J. Pharand of Hull.
One passenger, Dr. T.F. Graham, od the 86th machine gun section of hamilton, was injured, his back and side being crushed, but not seriously.

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