Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1916, October 4 - Crossing collision with NYC at Russell Road, Ottawa, one fatality

Kemptville Weekly Advance 5 October 1916  1916


Samuel Elliot of Edwards Meets His Death at Russell Road Crossing.
Samuel Elliott, 60 years of age, a well known farmer of Metcalfe, died in a city hospital last evening as a reault of injuries received by being run into by the New York Central passenger train which leaves Central station, Ottawa, at 2:45, while he was driving a rig on his way home from the city. Two valuable horses which were attached to the rig; were also killed. The accident occurred at the level crossing over the C P. R. line at Shepherd and Mores's [sic] yard, on the Russell road, about a mile beyond Hurdman's bridge. 
Deceased was terribly injured although not killed instantly. Rogers and Burney's ambulance was called and he was rushed to St Luke's hospital, where be was attended by Dr. Booth. He never regained consciousness, expiring at 6 o'clock, an hour after he was admitted. He received a fractured skull, fractured right arm and fractured ribs on the right side, and severe  internal injuries. The body was afterwards taken to Mackenzies undertaking rooms. Dr. W. Saulter, coroner, was notified, and he has decided to hold an inquiry into the death this morning at Mackenzie's morgue.
How the accident happened is not clear. It is said that deceased who was driving a load of lumber on his rig; drawn by two horses, heard the train approaching him and whipped up his horses to get across the rails ahead of the. train. The train approached too quickly, however, and struck the vehicle squarely, smashing it up, killing the horses and severely injuring the driver. The horses were valued at $500.
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