Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, April 9 - Crossing collision near Smiths Falls, CPR., Winchester sub, one fatality

Kemptville Weekly Advance 17 April 1913

Struck at Crossing
Smiths Falls, April 10. William O'Brien a young man ahout 18 years employed at the cooperage here, hired an outfit yesterday from M. Balfes' livery to drive down to Merrickville. He promised to be back by noon today, and was on the return journey when the C.P.R. railway crossing a few miles down the track the outfit was struck by the noon express from Montreal. The train was stopped and O'Brien wan found in an unconscious state with both legs and some of his ribs broken, also internal injuries. He was put on the train and brought to town, where he was taken to the public hospital, where everything was done that was possible. He did not rally, and died about 5 o'clock this evening. The horse, which was a valuable one, was instantly killed and the buggy badly smashed.

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