Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, June 25 - Derailment of a Canadian Pacific passenger train at McKellar near Ottawa.

A Winnipeg bound Canadian Pacific passenger train, the Imperial Limited, was derailed at McKellar (Westboro), near Britannia, on the Carleton Place subdivision.  Eleven people were killed and 40 were injured in this accident which was caused when a track crew had not completed repairs.  Three colonist, one first class, one tourist and one dining car were derailed, several lying close to the Ottawa River.  All the dead and practically all the injured were immigrants, principally from the British isles.

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LAC PA 25111 Samuel Jarvis collection

Chesterville Record 26 June 1913

Eight dead and fifty injured, two probably fatally, is the toll of the railway accident three miles from Ottawa yesterday afternoon when the CPR train from Montreal for Winnipeg left the track.  All the dead and practically all the injured are immigrants, principally from the British isles.  The cause of the wreck is not known, but it is thought to be either a loose rail or what is known in railway parlance as a "sunkink".
Also reported in Globe and Mail for 26 June 1913.  This was the wreck of the Imperial Limited.
Ottawa Journal 25 June - occurred at Springfield Park near Britannia. Pictures in June 26 edition.

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