Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, October/November - Two occasions of side rod failure at Prescott and Aultsville, Grand Trunk

Morrisburg Leader 2 October 1913

Running at high speed nearing Prescott on Monday afternoon, the International Limited for Montreal came to a stop by the breaking of one of the side rods of the engine. One side of the engine was stripped and a portion of the cab demolished. Both engineer and fireman escaped injury. The train was delayed until another engine was sent from Brockville.

Morrisburg Leader 27 November 1913

When pulling out of Aultsville last Saturday afternoon the engine hauling the afternoon express (No 6) became disabled by the breaking of both side rods which stripped the mechanism besides demolishing a portion of the cab. The engine of a freight train following the express hauled the latter back here and then took it on to Montreal, using the westrbound main line to Wales, owing to the other track being blocked by the stranded engine, which could not be moved until fitters had disconnected her.

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Updated 31 July 2021