Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1913, March 11 - Derailment at Casselman, Alexandria subdivision Grand Trunk.

Ottawa Journal March 11, 1913

GTR Ottawa Montreal Express Derailed Near Casselman

At ten minutes to nine last night the Grand Trunk train from Ottawa to Montreal ran into a bad piece of track on this side of Casselman, and the whole train, with the exception of engine and tender, left the rails and turned over.
No one was injured with the exception of Mrs. Donald Cameron of Maxville who was badly shaken up besides sustaining an injury to her knee, but all the passengers were more or less shaken up.
Had it not been for the fact that the train was slowing down preparatory to entering Casselman station the derailment might have culminated fatally.
Passengers on the Ottawa train for Montreal and also on the up train from Montreal were subjected to a delay of over two hours. Finally, a simple expedient was adopted, the Montreal train returning to Montreal instead of proceeding to Ottawa, and carrying passengers transferred from the derailed train. A special sent out from Ottawa brought the up train passengers to Central Station arriving at 1.25 a.m., a little over two hours late.
Grand Trunk officials say th damage will be slight. The track was cleared by an early hour this mornming,

Glengarry News Wednesday 21 March 1913

Ottawa Train De-railed

The Ottawa-Montreal train on the Grand Trunk Railway due to pass Alexandria station at 9.30 p.m., was derailed at about nine o'clock Monday night half a mile this side of Casselman, about thirty miles from Ottawa. The only person injured was Mrs. Donald Campbell of Maxville, Ont., who was badly shaken. The entire train left the tracks and two of the coaches turned over on their side.

The train composed of three passenger coaches and a baggage car, left Ottawa at 8 o'clock, and running on schedule, had got half a mile out of Casselman, when, from a cause not yet determined, the engine jumped the rails, pulling the coaches with it, two of which turned over on their side, fortunately without loss of life.

Word was sent to Casselman and Ottawa and Montreal offices were advised of the happening, with the result that at once a relief train was despatched from Ottawa to take on to the Capital the passengers which left Montreal at 7.45 last night, who were transhipped at the point of the wreck, the single track making their further progress impossible.

The train from Montreal took on the passengers of the derailed train and returned to Montreal,

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