Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1909, May 16 - Crossing fatality at Gananoque, Thousand Islands Railway

Kemptville Weekly Advance 19 May 1910

Killed at Gananoque
 A fatal accident oocured in Gananoqne Monday morning 16th Iist, the victim being Mrs. Robert Johnston, wife of a blacksmith, residing at Atkinson, a small place a few miles distant from the Factory Town.
Mrs. Johnston had driven her daughter to the high school, where she is a pupil, then proceeded over the birdge [sic] to the girl's boarding house to leave a bundle of clothing. Upon returning she attempted to drive over a crossing near the Umbrella station, in front of a train of the Thousand Island Railway, backing into the yards of the Spring & Axle Works. The horse passed over safely but the first car struck tha boggy and hurled it against a telegraph pole. Mrs. Johnston was thrown under the train and before it conld be stopped she was terribly mutilated, death being almost instantaneous. The horse escaped without a scratch.
Mrs. Johnston was about 35 years of age and very highly esteemed. An Inquest will be held.

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