Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1909, November 14 - Two freight trains collide near Morrisburg, Grand Trunk, 15 cars derailed

Kemptville Weekly Advance  18 November 1909

Freight Trains Collided
First One Broke Down and Other Crashed Into It in Fog
A collison between two Grand Trunk freight trains four and one half miles east of Morrisburg Sunday morning at 6.10, caused a bad smash up, and was nearly attended by fatal results. Two freight trains were going west in charge of Conductors Casselmen and Grierson, of Montreal. The first one broke down and the rear brakesman was sent back to flag the one approaching from the rear, which was running twenty miles an hour at the time. Owing, however, to the dense fog, the signals could not be noticed end a rear-end oollislin resulted. The conductor and brakesman, who were in the van narrowly escaped, while Engineer Green of Brockville and the fireman, jumped and escaped with light injuries.
In all fifteen cars are sold to have been derailed, . Four cars, including two flats, all empties, and the caboose were piled as high as the telegraph poles and so completely wrecked that It was found necessary to burn them. The colliding engine, No. 875, was also badly damaged.

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