Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, November 12 - Head on collision between two freight trains at St. Polycarpe, Grand Trunk.  1 killed.

RG 46 C-II-1 vol 1423 file 6291

Between extra No. 70 and light engine #1337 running tender first without headlight, 3 miles west of carlsbad Springs.  Misread the leaving time of No.70; 12 o'clock instead of 11:30 pm; and the headlight on the engine of train No. 70 was out.  Both engineers responsible.

Head on collision between extra west 851 and extra east 862 at 23:00.  It was caused by the failure of the engineer of extra west 851 to take the siding at St. Polycarpe where he had to meet extra east 862.  Both engines were running tender first without proper headlights.  Fireman E. Pope of extra east 862 was caught between the back of the cab and the engine tender and died shortly after the collision.  862 had been experiencing difficulty with the water immediately after leaving Coteau Junction and the engineer was distracted.

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Updated January 2014