Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, September 11 - Collision at Plantagenet, Canadian Pacific, M&O subdivision

Collision between engine 1504 with 3 cars standing on the main track (coaling the engine) and extra east engine 52 with nine empty passenger cars.  Extra 52 east (running from Ottawa to Vaudreuil via Chaudiere Junction) failed to observe the position of the semaphore signal approaching Plantagenet and failed to stop before colliding with enginer 1504.  The collision took place at 30 mph at 20:15.  Fireman Blackburn on engine 52 was pinned against the boiler, head in the engine cab and both his legs had to be amputated to get his body freed from the wreck.  He died in a few minutes after being released.  Engineer Reynolds on engine 52 was thrown some distance from the wreck and was severely injured.  Engine 52 was smashed up, the ballast low and lidgerwood unloader which were ahead of engine 1504 were wrecked and the front of engine 1504 damaged but this engine was able to assist in clearing the wreck.  The main line was blocked for 10 hours.
The west semaphore was at stop but it was not Reynold's intention to stop although he should have stopped to register.  The conductor told the engineer before leaving to stop at Plantagenet to register but the engineer denied this. (RG 46 C-II-1 v. 1422 f. 6150)

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