Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

 1907, March 1 - Head on collison between a passenger train and a freight train at Mountain, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  2 killed, 3 injured.

RG 46 vol. 1412 file 4862

1. Head-on collision between passenger train 6, engine 908, and westbound freight extra 984. 
2. Cause was that engineer on 984 failed to determine where to meet fast passenger train 6 when receiving despatcher’s order no. 36, form 19 at Winchester advising that train 6 was running 50 mins. late from Kemptville Junction to Vaudreuil.
3. Result was that engineer, fireman and baggageman of train 6 were injured, Dominion Express Messenger and his Assistant were burned to death while pinned in express car no. 1756 which was set on fire by oil lamps lighted in the same car.
4. Despatcher issued order no. 36 at 5.25 am. To passenger train 6 and 984 (3rd No. 50) at Finch, also 976 at Monklands. No. 6, engine 908 will run 50 minutes late Kemptville Junction to Vaudreuil.  Engineer of 984 misread his watch and told fireman they had lots of time to go to Kemptville to take coal and water when they should only have gone to Mountain.

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