Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1907, June 22 - Head on collision between a freight train and a light engine at Carlsbad Springs, Grand Trunk. 1 killed..

Ottawa Journal June 24

As a result of a bad head on collision on the G.T.R. about three miles west of Carlsbad (Eastmans) Springs late Saturday, William R. Douglas of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a C.P.R. brakeman met a terrible death.  He was pinned under a locomotive---
As a result of the accident a locomotive and three cars were ditched and from 100 to 200 feet of track torn up.
Late Saturday night, a shunting engine, which was running light, and was westbound, collided with the regular east bound freight train.  Both train and shunter were travelling at a high rate of speed and it is said they came together with a terrible impact.
The collision happened about 11:30.  No. 70, the regular eastbound freight left Ottawa around 11 in charge of Conductor W. Summers, Engineer W. Cooper and Brakesman W.R. Douglas.  It was proceeding at a high rate of speed as the crew understood they had the right of way and that the track ahead was quite clear.
Suddenly the fast moving freight collided with a shunting engine, on its way to Ottawa, and also running rapidly.  This engine had been coming from Hawkesbury, was driven by Engineer Alexander Dewar, and was on the way here to allow certain repairs to be made to it.
Inquest to be held.

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