Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1898, December 4 - A CPR freight train crashes into a CAR freight train on the diamond at St. Polycarpe (De Beaujeu) - no injuries

Ottawa Citizen, 5 December 1898

Sunday morning at 3 o'clock a C.P.R. train going east ran into a Canada Atlantic freight which was crossing the diamond at St. Polycarpe Junction, cutting though it and knocking part of the train off the track.  
The engine and part of the C.P.R. train also left the track, and struck the station, moving it about three feet.  The tracks at that point were blocked for some time yesterday, but the C.A.R. company had everything removed for the passage of the Montreal train leaving here yesterday morning at 8 a.m.
The exact cause of the collision is unknown but was probably caused by the failure of the working of the C.P.R. signals.  The C.A.R. train was moving slowly, and was almost stopped when the other engine crashed through the centre with the above results.  The trainmen on the C.P.R. engine had a narrow escape but fortunately no one was injured.

Ottawa Journal 5 December 1898

A CPR freight train pitched into a CAR freight train at St. Polycarpe Junction yesterday morning and wrecked an engine, a number of freight cars and the station house at the junction.  Several CPR men were somewhat injured.  The CPR engine is a total wreck, several freight cars are ruined and six loaded cars belonging to the CAR were damaged.  One car loaded with hay was completely demolished and two others loaded with structural iron for the Hawkesbury pulp mills were very badly damaged.  None of the CAR train hands were hurt.
The CPR train from Toronto to Montreal had to come by way of Ottawa yesterday.

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